The Counter-Strike Community Is Impossible To Please

The old saying goes: you can't please everyone all of the time.

Except in the case of the Counter-Strike community, a gathering of gamers who are notoriously impossible to please. You can't even make them happy with free stuff, as it turns out.

The Latest Thing That People Shouldn't Be Angry About But Are Anyway: a three minute trailer for a new documentary called CS:GO Player Profiles. The name of the full video probably won't be called that, but that's what's listed on the Steam page right now.

The page is pretty clear about what you're getting:

Clear as mud. "Watch the Recap Video in Steam today and the player profiles will be added to your Steam Video Library automatically as they are released!"

This, by the way, is free. But you wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at the user rating or the reviews posted so far.

Does it really matter if it's on YouTube? The content's still free on Steam.

The main point of contention seems to be that the page lists the video as having 50 minutes running time, although that little detail is a lot harder to see than the paragraph which basically says "you'll get the full video for free later, watch the recap now".

Still, queue the rage.

There has been some pushback amongst viewers, although the current user rating of 54% is an indication of the community's cantankerous nature.

Some people cannot be pleased. Even with free stuff.


    Pretty indicative of the gamer community in general. All you have to do is read a forum on any game/subject and you'll get endless whining and complaining and very little positivity.

      The positive people are too busy enjoying the game...

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      "You are so so wrong for reasons I cannot put to words, but your opinion is different to mine and therefore offensive and wrong!!!!"

    Yep. Gamers online seem to have a laughable sense of entitlement and you'd think they hated a hobby they hold oh so dear. Some places are worse than others, but in general you get verbally abused for anything and everything on forums/MP games.

    Bitterness is everywhere. Every game sucks despite getting millions of sales, topics on forums asking basic questions get answered with needless insults and MP games consist entirely of abusive teenagers most of the time. It's contagious and really makes you cynical about gamers in general. Makes me always hate identifying as a "gamer".

    Never have I seen such a toxic community who basically hate everything.

      completely agree. the entitlement is ridiculous...

    Everyone is saying the AWP and Tec-9 sounds are wrong and I am not hearing it. They sound normal.

    Do you mean to say people with a platform to voice their feedback were given something that they could watch and provide feedback on and decided they'd voice their feedback? If I saw a torrent of thumbs down that said "Can i have my 3 minutes back" i probably wouuldn't watch it myself. not seeing an issue here

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