The Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting Some New DLC Next Month

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting some new DLC next month — it will take players to Orsinium, the Orcish city that was shown off in Daggerfall. It will be out November 2 for PC/Mac and the week of November 17 for consoles.

More details over on the Bethesda Blog.


    I participated in the Beta for ESO, did not like it at all but must admit i have not been back since. What do you guys think, has it improved?, do you enjoy the game? The worst part about it my experience was how the game seemed to totally fumble on group activities and questing. If the game has improved alot, it might be worth a second look!

    Really enjoying playing it on PS4 with my friends. Lot of stability/bug fixes. Having fun!

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