The First Five Minutes Of F.E.A.R. On Its Tenth Birthday

Ten years ago today, Monolith Productions did not release a sequel to Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. Instead they embarked on a horror-filled first-person saga that would leave players questioning supernatural age of consent laws.

I won't spoil anything about the F.E.A.R. series here — well, any more than I just technically did, but not really. The original game came out at a time when narrative-driven first-person shooters were really coming into their own, and the final one — 2011's F.3.A.R. — came much later than it should have.

Here are the bits we skipped.

Interested in playing? I bought my copy off of, which includes the original game and its two expansion packs.

Happy birthday, you creepy bastard. It's ok that you weren't a new Shogo game.

Not really.


    FEAR hasn't aged well visually.

      The games 10 years its time the graphics were amazing. I personally still think it looks okay.
      Truth is, no game ages well visually lol

    I tried playing this recently, after having played through FEAR 2 and really enjoying it. I pretty much returned this immediately. The visuals are ech, which doesn't affect me much, but the gameplay feels so stiff and the controls feel like they were designed for a different era (I guess, technically they were, but zooming with RS isn't my cup of tea.)

    Loved it back in the day. This was a nice bit of nostalgia.

    I dunno about not aging well visually, I always thought it was pretty good... but mostly, I'm still impressed by the AI in that game. I think it's still surprising to find games nowadays without AI that good.

    EDIT: Just watched the video, still looks pretty good for me for a decade-old game.

    Last edited 19/10/15 11:17 am

    Literally (not literally) die of boredom through every minute of the first 75% of the game. Loved it at the time but it really doesn't even begin to engage til the end.

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