The First Full Jessica Jones Trailer Is Creepy And Great

The First Full Jessica Jones Trailer Is Creepy and Great

Here's our most in-depth look yet at the next Marvel Comics superhero show from Netflix. Watching it, you can see Jessica Jones that has been through hell. And it looks like creepy villain Killgrave is going to send her right back.

In true noir detective style, the two-minute clip is narrated in the first person, with snippets of a conversation between the title character and Luke Cage. You don't see much of David Tennant's take on Killgrave/The Purple Man but you feel the menace and trauma left in his wake. This trailer makes it seem like the series — which debuts on November 20 — will be presenting a wounded but tough heroine operating on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, just like the Alias comic-book series where she sprang form. Be sure to check out the write-up of the show's first episode from iO9.


    Looks pretty goddamn amazing. The effects are stunning as well. Marvel spent 200 million across the 5 upcoming shows in total and goddamn if it's not showing in the most awesome of ways. Can't wait for Luke Cage's series then Ironfist, and then... The Enforcers!

      Totally. Daredevil was just class. And the serialised format is really well suited to the properties.

      Wish the DC stuff was this compelling, TBH.

        Personally I'm finding it just as compelling. Arrow had a dip in season 3 (a MAJOR dip) but has picked up grandly. The Flash still stands as the single best superhero show on tv mainly due to its ability to throw everything out the door and say 'Fuck it, we're doing the comic'. Supergirl remains to be seen, the pilot was average, not bad, not great, just sort of middle of the road. Marvels Netflix shows are hitting that right point of being darker than their movie-verse, which they direly needed as the movies get a little too light weight and the DC stuff thankfully, is nowhere near as 'grimdark' as its movies. They're both literally having their cake and eating it too. Daredevil I did have a major problem with in the sense that Matt Murdock 3/4 of the time won his fights by 'luck'. Check them out, regularly it doesn't seem like he's winning by skill but by luck. Also, the show burnt out around 2 episodes before the end, the fight with Kingpin was underwhelming at best compared to the previous fights.

        And that DD helmet. UGH. Someone needs to tell matt Murdock not to use Captain Americas castoff helmets...

          I think Daredevil is a rare example of a show being able to compel almost via tone alone. The writing was good, too... Though I admit a few stylistic choices were a little off-putting. Absolutely pumped for Punisher and Elektra in season 2. Has the potential to be up there with the very best.

          Tried Arrow. Just didn't grab me like I hoped. Gotham was nothing special. I know I should try The Flash, but... I'm a completionist. If I discard one piece, I might as well throw out the lot. I think that's partly the reason a stuck with Agents of Shield to the end of season 1, though it certainly he some great moments. The movies have kept me invested.

          It also helps that Daredevil had Goddard and DeKnight onboard, as I'm a massive Angel fanboy...

            Flash is fun, switch your brain off entertainment.
            And see if you can find Agent Carter. They've got a second season coming out soon and it's definitely worth a watch.

              Yeah, I'll be digging into Agent Carter and Agents of shield season 2 at some point.

              Does it get better? I watched the first episode and it was horrible.

                Flash? Sorta. It's always a bit shlocky, but it does grow on you after a while.

                But I'd stay clear if you really hated the first episode, it doesn't change that much.

                Last edited 26/10/15 5:35 pm

          I'm also curious to see how DC/Warner Bros handle Lucifer (based on the Neil Gaiman version of the character from Sandman), which is supposed to be coming out next year. With the trailer, it was a bit difficult to tell whether they got the tone right or if it was too cheesy.

            The pilot leaked, it was........mediocre. It shows promise but seems like they were afraid to go really dark with it tbh.

              If it was really dark, it wouldn't match the tone of the comics either. He wasn't exactly portrayed as evil in the comics, claiming that most of the stuff going on in Hell came from it's inhabitants expectations rather than his orders.

              I guess it shares some of the same dangers as the Constantine series: if they're not careful it will just look like it is derivative of Supernatural, even if it is directly based on source material that predates that series.

                Oh indeed, but what I mean is that Lucifer himself is also meant to have an underlying rage to him. The actor they chose, he's good but just doesn't seem quite 'right'. But, that being said, it WAS just the pilot. I saw that and Supergirl both in the same day, neither blew me away but neither disappointed. I'll be back to watch both of the re-edited pilots (both of which have been, just as Constantines was) and hopefully they're tighter and better paced. But both DO show potential.

    I'm interested to see how they deal with the rape and sexual violence elements of the villain, The Purple Man. The violence in Daredevil was strong in parts (not far off from a borderline MA/R18+ movie) but sexual violence is generally considered higher impact.

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