The iMax Midnight Showing Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Already Sold Out

If you were anywhere near the internet over the last couple of hours you might have seen the hysteria.

Star Wars tickets are on-sale! Yep, we're pre-ordering movie tickets now.

Which is a little bit silly in some ways, but in others makes total sense. Take iMax in Darling Harbour for example. Just over one hour after going on sale, all tickets for the first midnight showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens are completely sold out. If you had dreams of watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the super massive iMax screen the second it was released, that dream is now dead. Pre-orders: absolutely essential in this case.

By all reports it was very, very difficult to get a ticket. The iMax site couldn't handle firepower of that magnitude, which made for a lot of disappointed Star Wars fans.

That being said, the iMax storm appears to be over. The site seems fine now. And — at time of writing — if you don't mind waiting until 3am, tickets for the iMax showing in Darling Harbour are still available. In fact, tickets for most (non-iMax) midnight showings are still available as long as you're not too fussy about your seat.


    Man i just cant seem to shake the feeling that this will end up like the phantom menace.


      My childhood memories can't handle another kick in the nuts like the prequel trilogy delivered. This HAS to be good, or I will be left an empty, broken shell of a man. Even more so than now, I mean.

        I know you there is much truth in your jest and that is why im worried. Im worried that people will have such huge expectations that it wont posssibly be able to achieve them

          Well, in all honesty, my expectations have actually been significantly lowered by the prequel trilogy. So they're probably not actually THAT huge - certainly not as huge as they would have been if they'd never made the prequels and this was going to be the first Star Wars movie since the original trilogy.

      It seems to have much more of a Star Wars vibe than any of a the prequels had.

      Honestly, if it keeps that vibe up throughout a pretty good movie I'll be happy haha. I'm easily pleased :)

      BB-8 will be the next Jar Jar. Calling it now.

        How do you figure that? He doesn't have dialogue (which, let's face it, is the main reason we hate Jar Jar) and his design isn't annoying. He'll be fine.

          Haha I know, I'm just trolling.
          An evil part of me wants it to be true though, considering how much merchandise there is and how much love there is for the character when we haven't even seen the film yet :P

    Birthday is December 7th... parents have 4 Goldclass tickets they haven't used over the last year so I'm getting those :D Me, and 3 friends are going for my birthday the night it opens. I can't wait!

      Have you been Gold Class before? I did once and wasn't impressed. The screen was tiny, but then I like to sit in the front half of the cinema for that 'IMAX-lite' feeling :-)

        Yeah I have, I quite liked it myself. I can handle not having the imax screen when I can have a cinema where people dont talk all through the movie, I don't have to put up with fucking morons using their mobiles every two seconds and where I don't have to sit in shoddy seats.

          Ha ha. Fair enough. I generally play hookey from work in the middle of the day (not during school holidays) if I want to see a movie; sit in the bottom half of the cinema, all the teenagers/oldies are up the back. Last one was "the Martian" in 3D, no-one within 3 rows of me. :-)

            I know that feel. I generally go on a monday either morning or night or wednesday, that way noones there on those days either.

            How good was The Martian!!!!

              Pretty damn good. But I did get a bit of a parallax problem from the 3D. Suspect I was too close to the screen. However, I feel they really shorted the tension on the whole rover excursion thing. Don't understand why they didn't include the whole "bedroom" form the emergency excursion tent on the side of the rover and the rover was too small for that length of journey. Should have been Winnebago size at least. But, the thing that nearly broke it for me was the shots of Watney lying under the rover during the day while the solar panels charged. WTF, if anything he should have been in the (limited) sunlight to try and maintain his temperature, not lying on sub-zero soil and making his suit work to keep him warm. Anyway, will wait for Directors cut as I suspect there was a fair bit left out.

    Oh great, pre-ordering tickets?
    This thing is going to be a juggernaught.
    If it is halfway decent, it is going to destroy box office records. Even if it is terrifyingly great, some people will still be disappointed.
    I can't see it ending up like Phantom Menace, but it is going to be hard to live up to everyone's expectations.

      ??? You've been able to pre-order tickets since the 90s. The difference being between this and games, that you get a movie. That's it. Just a movie. You're making a booking, nothing more.

    Bought my single ticket for the 12.01am at the IMAX an hour ago; were a few others left too.

    I avoided IMAX for the premiere because seating is crucial. Unless you're sitting at in the back half and somewhere in the middle, watching an IMAX movie is goddamn miserable. I watched Pacific Rim and a doco in IMAX's corner-ish seat and my neck hurt afterwards, plus the characters are 20ft tall and completely skewed. Instead, was lucky enough to get okay seats at the Event Cinemas George St 12:01AM session, and those tickets went out in about 5 minutes.

    I'm actually pretty surprised the tickets didn't sell out immediately; I managed to get a couple of 3am ones (pray for me) at like 11.

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