The Latest Trailer For Wargaming’s Master Of Orion Is Truly Terrible

The Latest Trailer For Wargaming’s Master Of Orion Is Truly Terrible
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Wargaming, the same company behind World of Tanks, World or Warships and World of Warplanes is also bringing us a new Master of Orion title. If you had high hopes for the modern instalment, you might very well be picking up their dashed remains after watching this “First Look” video from the publisher.

The production values look high and the visuals shiny — heck, Wargaming even has Michael Dorn of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine on board. Yet I can’t think of a worse trailer to have to introduce the new MOO to its extremely dedicated fan base.

Talking news robots with horrendous, boring dialogue? Was their stilted, mechanical delivery meant to be funny? Because it’s not — it looks and sounds ridiculous. If the objective was to put us to sleep, well, mission accomplished.

I’m not even going to comment on the gameplay snippets — the combat was utterly underwhelming and nothing is really explained. It feels like a bunch of disconnected, hastily-recorded moments, none of which do nothing to excite one about the game.

Which is a shame, because it seems like plenty of work has gone into giving the different alien species their own personalities and looks. But this trailer does the new MOO no good.

Master of Orion: First Look [YouTube]


  • Trailer looked fine to me…

    Been playing since MOO1

    I get the feeling the reporters annoyed you and you didn’t like the look of the combat and you let that get you annoyed with the whole thing.
    Reporter’s [SUBJECT] joke thing was a little over done but the rest of the trailer was very MoO. The lack of in depth tactical combat is probably because tactical combat was heavily panned in MoO3 since no one wanted it.
    Also, isn’t this game pretty early in development? GalCiv 3 went from having no combat viewer to sexy ass 3D combat viewer in a matter of a few months during beta.

  • I’ll be that guy.

    “None of which do nothing to excite one about the game” should probably read “All of which”, or “do anything to excite”; based upon your disappointment in the trailer.

  • Hmmm….
    That’s a lot of hate for such a little amount shown
    Perhaps try rewriting this after you have a Snickers @loganbooker

    • I really don’t like it when article authors state their opinion and pass it off as fact. “The Latest Trailer For Wargaming’s Master Of Orion Is Truly Terrible” is his opinion, but instead of saying “I think the Latest Trailer For Wargaming’s Master Of Orion Is Truly Terrible”, he just states it as if it’s universally agreed because he said so.

      Even more confusing is that Logan is normally good at not doing this sort of thing, so it’s a bit out of character. Please don’t try to pass off an opinion as fact, article authors.

      • I don’t know what if any editing process goes on here but the submitted article headline may be different to the one we see.

        I will agree I hated the way the Robots delivered the dialogue and I hope turning that off is an option in the game.

  • Not good. While the trailer itself is truly terrible, the game itself by no means looks bad; it looks like MoO II done up with modern graphics, so if it turns out to be so, it’ll at least be a serviceable 4X game. But that in itself is a problem- this is MASTER OF ORION we’re talking about here, it’s SUPPOSED to be a big deal. It needs to be more than just a HD remake of MoO II, no matter how brilliant MoO II was. It needs to reclaim its crown as the leading space 4X game, not just be another interchangeable one to put alongside Sword of the Stars, Endless Space and Galactic Civilizations.

  • Its ok i heard they dont even read the australian comments, so highly doubtful OP will read them. but yeah thats very unprofessional titling. maybe L2journalism?

    • US posters generally don’t read AU comments. Logan, however, is an Australian and reads and replies as anyone else can/does.

  • Logan looks like he was no more than a twinkle in his father’s eye when MoO2 came out, let alone MoO1, so what the hell is he doing commenting on this reboot?

    Idiotic, biased puff piece.

  • I’m still excited. I have been playing MOO2 regularly since about ’97, I don’t think any space-based 4X has come close to matching it since. The footage here looks like it’s kept alot of the core mechanics intact, which to me is good news.

    Also for anyone worried about it, the GNN is a very minor part of the game – they just give updates for random events, or progress updates the first time a race hits certain milestones (like the first race to control 6 systems, etc.)

  • The game itself looks like it might be OK, but that’s the worst case of cut-and-paste dialogue I’ve ever seen. You can see where they’ve put it together, with gaps filled in by separately spoken words. “We have heard from the (Psilon|Sakkra|…) race who are very (peaceful|warlike|…)” sort of thing.

    I thought the gaming world gave up on that style of dialogue with the introduction of the CD. The newest game I have that structures dialogue like that is from the early 90s, when cramming actual dialogue onto a floppy was a real challenge.

    I look forward to the game itself, but I really, really hope they redo the dialogue – or that it’s just a placeholder.

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