The Lupin III Anime's Opening Hides An Optical Illusion

The Lupin III Anime's Opening Hides an Optical Illusion

Don't you love visual tricks? (Be warned, like many optical illusions, not everyone can see this!)

As pointed out on 2ch, if you cover one of your eyes while watching the new Lupin III anime opening sequence, the images appear to leap out at you.

Here, watch the credits. Be sure to cover one of your eyes! Not both. NOT BOTH.

The optical illusion works on a similar principle as these GIFs, which our colleagues at Sploid pointed out last year.


    What exactly are we meant to be looking for?

    The Bullet comes out like 3D awesome.
    When are we getting an English translation?

    Anyone seen a sub for this? I loved Miyazaki's version (The Castle of Cagliostro) but the other ones don't seem to have the same quality.

      The reason the other ones didn't have the same quality is because it came out 8 years earlier and had to spread its budget across an entire series. Anyway, I don't think a simulcast was announced. So, if you want to watch it, you might have to watch it through some not-not illegal websites.

      Cagliostro is different. Miyazaki went for a more mature, 'heroic' portrayal of Lupin and that ended up sticking for the subsequent stuff. Earlier Lupin was much less of the gentleman thief type.

      The most recent series (The Woman Called Fujiko Mine) is a shorter season of 13 episodes and has a really stylish presentation and is more in keeping with the tone of the manga. It's very good, better than most of the other TV stuff IMO.

    Isn't this just simple paralax animation with those bars added? Don't get me wrong, it looks really nice; but this isn't a new technique is it?

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