The NBA's Tallest Player Is 9 Metres Tall, Crushes Fans

The NBA's Tallest Player Is 30 Feet Tall, Crushes Fans

John John is, at 9.1 metres, the tallest man in the history of the NBA. Jimmy, at 0.3 metres, is the shortest. They're...not your average NBA2k16 players.

These two clips by GamingWithOva show what happens when you push the game's engine to its limits. Mostly, it can cope, but some things — like arms — don't quite make it.

John John's tale is a tragic one, a T-Rex in human skin, flailing around a basketball court trying not to kill spectators.

Jimmy's story, meanwhile, is a struggle to overcome adversity, whether it be on the court or in trying to sit down off it.

I like to think this is the NBA2K16 from an alternate universe, where Guillermo Del Toro had been given the singleplayer campaign instead of Spike Lee.


    I was watching this video in a meeting today... I nearly burst out in laughter!!!

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