Arkham Knight To Get Batman V. Superman Batmobile

Briefly: The newest cinematic version of Batman and the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie will be coming to Arkham Knight next month. There's a full rundown of the remaining DLC — which says the big Season of Infamy add-on will hit in December — here.


    That reminds me, I need to trade in Arkham Knight towards my Fallout 4 preorder

    How about Arkham Knight just come to PC first before they put in shit like this?

      While the PC situation is pretty shitty, you do realise that different teams work on different parts of the game, right?

    Such a piece of sht game this was. No more.

      As a PC game or just as a game in general?
      Waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition on console, so curious.

        Both. Even with problems it was still running at 60fps before. (Now solid 90fps) but thats not the case. It sucked for as a batman game.

          Out of curiosity, why did it suck? I loved it.

        As someone that's not butthurt - if you enjoyed Arkham Asylum and City, you'll love this one too. The city seems better laid out and designed than the one in AC. There is a lot of tank combat early on, but it's pretty easy to smash through (on PC - can't speak for how it'd handle with a controller). I loved it, 40+ hours in and on my second New Game Plus. If you' thinking about picking it up, and liked any of the past games, then I 100% recommend it.

    Every time I try to play Arkham Knight... I end up playing someone else. Pity. It's gorgeous.

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