The Obvious Choice For The Next Smash Bros. Character

The Obvious Choice For The Next Smash Bros. Character

The Super Smash Bros. Ballot has been closed for a while, and still, no announcement from Nintendo on who the fan's choice for the next Smash DLC will be.

In the absence of official word, then (though fans feel like that's coming soon), it's left to parody accounts and solid jokes to fill the void.


    Ahh, never thought they'd include the beast from Skyrim. Choo choo!

    Was expecting John Cena.
    Am very disappointed with the lack of John Cena.

    0 out of 10 John Cena's.

    I was thinking about this yesterday, characters that have multiple items/moves suited for smash bros.

    - Shantae and/or Risky Boots
    - Every Castlevania Belmont, where instead of alternate colours they can use different skins
    - Instead of another fire emblem sword guy, I would've instead used Crono from Chrono Trigger or Randi from Secret Of Mana
    - Marina Liteyears

    I was also thinking of Battletoads and Earthworm Jim but I was hard-pressed to come up with abundant movesets

    The eater of worlds joining Smash Bros? All my yes!
    He'd have to be really useful though

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