The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

The hunt for Destiny's most mysterious weapon is over — and it ends not with an epic puzzle but with a single heroic strike.

Anyone who played through the first part of the Sleeper Simulant quest — which started yesterday and consists of two story missions, a puzzle, and a whole bunch of waiting around — will find a new quest at the Gunsmith today called The Sleeper Stirs. Though it will say to go do The First Firewall, even if you've done it already, the quest actually unlocks a new level-42 version of the Fallen SABER strike that you can find right on your director:

The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

This strike can be a little tough — especially the beginning section, which asks you to defend yet another Warsat — but this version's got matchmaking, so you should be able to do it on your own unless you get stuck with a bad team.

If you don't see the quest, you probably haven't finished the first part of the hunt — follow this guide and make sure you've done it all:

If The First Firewall isn't available, you may have to wait a few days — Bungie says it's a temporary mission that will "return in time."

Anyway, defeat the Fallen SABER and you'll get this piece of work:

The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

Bring it to the Gunsmith and...

The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

Yep. That's it. The weapon everyone's been waiting for.

The Quest For Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Is Over

I must say I expected this quest to be longer and more difficult, given Bungie's declaration in Game Informer earlier this year:

...Bungie doesn't want to spoil the story content of this mission, but it did say that there will be unique tasks and objectives required for completion, which might even include puzzles that are too hard for any one player to figure out on their own.

But alas. All that hunting was for nothing, really. Turns out the hardest part of the Sleeper Simulant quest was not falling asleep while waiting for those damn Warsats.


    "Midnight exigent: Status=Still in progress"

    Something tells me we're not done yet.

      Midnight exigent is just rasputins code for destroying the darkness so in a way you are midnight exigent

      Nah, in the lore Midnight Exigent is Rasputin's code name for his self imposed survival at all costs protocol.
      From a story perspective he helps yiu build the sleeper to help guardians defend his bunker since the standard defences aren't working.

      Exigent is similar to exigen - if I recall, a latin word that means to drive out or remove it literally means drive out the night (darkness)

    God that Warsat drop in the beginning of Fallen SABER is awful. So freakin' hard. Worst when you get Taken on it. Even a group of 300+ Light still has a tough time with it. Unless you're that dude in my fireteam that just glitched through the side of the hill on his Sparrow to the cave below.

    Last edited 09/10/15 9:28 am

      Yep — in a team of @295's we were getting completely hammered and don't get me started on that damn glitch! I really do need to continue leveling up...

      Yeah that warsat part I played as defender with blessing of light, the overshield for the whole fireteam was a massive help in us getting past it. Damn vandal snipers and elite captains were a pain

      My team finally got to 98, 99 and then 100% on it after multiple deaths, my 2 teammates were down and I made a run for the door only to be shot down midair...gutted, stood around waiting for the Warsat to drop again, nothing, oh, we got the checkpoint and could move on.

      The key is to quickly take out the dropship turrets if you get the normal version. When void burn was on, Telesto was great for it in 2-3 shots

        You can take out the turrets on the ship? Your kidding me?

          Not at all. On the Fallen ships there's two separate turrets you can take out, one for the guns that oneshot you at the higher levels and also the grenade bay but that's not really that troublesome. Same goes for the hive tombships where you can take out the purple shooting doodads and also the Cabal ships although I forget where the cannons are on them. The Fallen ships are the most annoying though

      Lol I did that glitch on my run this morning, that fight is way too hard and I was in a rush :)

      Oh god. Tried it this morning. Matchmaking gave me a second hunter and a titan without a blind bubble. We were all 295+, but no way in hell we could get past that damn warsat. Then the other hunter tried to glitch through the wall... does that actually bypass the warsat? I mean, I didn't have time to waste this morning with the bullcrap checkpoints in that strike anyway, but good to know for the weekend.

        Yeah, the glitch makes you effectively bypass the warsat. You glitch out of the map, so you can't be shot by enemies, while still letting you activate and stay near the warsat until 100%. Other players in the fireteam just needs to go away for 100 seconds and stay out of fire.

          Ah. Haven't glitched through the wall since the first week of 2.0 to grab that ghost early, but didn't know you could get close enough to the warsat to stay in range.

    I must say that Bungie are really struggling with game design if they think the 4 hours I spent waiting for the warsats was "fun" (yes... I used the website that tells you when the events start, I just got "kill target" over and over). Seriously, Bungie should have learnt that random chance isn't fun when it comes to this sort of stuff.

      That's the thing. Bungie really thinks waiting around is a fun mechanic. A lot of their stuff revolves around you sitting around doing nothing. Public Events are the worst example of that. Being in a fireteam with players spread out at different locations helps a little.

        I think their rationale is "these quests should be things that allow you to progress by being distracted when doing other things." Kinda backfired on them when everyone interpreted "quest" as ... well, an adventure to be had, I guess, and want to finish one before moving to the next...

        Bounties are an example of this mindset that actually works, tho (imo) - I just grab them if I have room, and they just complete themselves as I do other stuff each night; they enter my thoughts once a night when I log on - hand in any complete ones, grab new ones, then go about my business. Which will last until there's no other "business" for me to be about, I suppose...

          Yeah, I find I look at the tasks less frequently - if I find I've got a full slate and can't pick up more, I'll make sure the next activity I do clears some bounties to make room, be it do a mission on a particular destination or against particular enemies, or I'll equip one of the three year one primaries I kept in order to rapidly knock off solar/arc/void weapon kills. But the rest of the time, it just happens as I'm doing other stuff.

          Questing tonight and aim for 300 light...

            We need to get our group together and start trying King's Fall. I mean, just about everyone is 280+, and most are 290+. We could definitely make some headway.

              hey, I nearly soloed it the other night! *

              So yes. We really should. Happy to do it with you as you'll be amused watching the rest of us blunder around trying to work it out before we start begging for help... :D

              *if by "nearly", "survived about 40 seconds" counts...

                Messages sent. Feel free to add anyone I missed.
                And yes, I can't deny that it's partly borne of my desire to see five new raiders leap to their deaths for twenty minutes in there. :P But mostly because I know Zephyr, Sky and yourself want to try it out (and I want more loot :P), but we can't do it alone.

                  OK, just read your message to my beloved.

                  Her response - "If it's nice I'm sitting on the deck reading this book I've got to finish. If it's horrible, I'll be mainlining Arrow or Downton Abbey in the bedroom..."


                  WE ARE A GO. Tonight, tomorrow... Sunday maybe if I survive watching Wales-Australia...

                  Can you sit at the PC and play minecraft while we're raiding ineffectually and cackle at us?

                  Last edited 09/10/15 2:06 pm

                  @trikeabout \o/

                  I hope they read their messages today. Would like to try it before reset on Tuesday, but might have to wait until we get enough people together. Tonight might be a bit short notice for some people, but if we can get five together tonight, we can do the door.

                  @os42 Have just been summoned to pub by the urban panther ( @highperformance @blackdahlianz you know where I'll be, feel free to just turn up...) but won't be late late and can try to lock in a time tomorrow or just casually blunder around tonight if people are curious.

                Hey man was in Thailand all last week just got back yesterday.

      They tried to take out the grind, but they've just added a new level of grinding. Those public events were a bloody chore!
      We were exactly the same, kill target after kill target, took us like 4 hrs or something just to get through the warsat's.

      Same thing with the exotic quest. Do they really think spending 2-3 hours farming materials is fun? What a joke.

    I managed to complete the First Firewall last night all I need to do now is the Warsats for the parts and then the Fallen S.A.B.R.E. I might Attack this on the weekend. If no one's done it yet on XBONE Hit me up

    Went to do it.... then saw the star wars beta and ended up spending all night on that lol

    I helped a friend out last night with the strike under the agreement he'll help us when we get it. Warsat was definitely the hardest part, we got Fallen thankfully. We probably wouldn't have got it first try if we had Taken. Running blind bubble Titan is a must, we also had a Sith Lord Warlock and a Sunbreaker. Although I ran weapons of light rather than blessing. Also, the perk that generates orbs from the bubble taking damage came in handy. Sunbreaker with Weapons of Light clears things fast. Also, Zhalo Supercell does wonders against captains. The warlock was always.

    sounds like a massive pain in the ass i can';t be bothered with. I'll honestly never use it, the weapon looks unique but i've read everything about doing this 'quest' is boring and enjoyable.
    How hard is it to make a fun semi challenging quest for a few of the exotics instead of shit grindy ones.

    Made it through the Warsat part with two BowHunters and a Sith Warlock.

    Taking out the ship guns really helps... but even then, we barely made it. Must have rez'd each other about a dozen times in the last 30 seconds.

    As for the public events... My only really issue was their random nature (ie. kept getting 'Eliminate the Target' ones instead of 'Warsat')

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