The Steam Stealth Sale Just Kicked Off


    Woah! that came out of nowhere!

      Amusingly, The first thing I did was go to my Steam client (which was already open from yesterday and on the Store page), and I couldn't find the sale anywhere

    A friendly reminder that Steam prices are in US$ and that the AU$ is pants right now.

      Less pants than it was a month or so ago WHEN I WAS OVER THERE!!

    I knew they were upto something when there was no mid week madness. Pitty about our exchange rate.
    Splinter Cell Blacklist, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Theif 4 are tempting me.

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    Does AC:black flag have an reverses Australia tax applied?

    I cant see the sale :( even tho im in aus

      I just get the standard Steam store page.

        It's not overly apparent (amusingly), you click the box on the right (has two alternate promos)

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