The Australian Video Games That Don't Exist

The Arcade. Southbank, Melbourne. A hotbed for Melbourne development talent. Crossy Road, Armello — they were made within these halls.

But in one corner of the room there is a graveyard. A hilarious graveyard. Two walls dotted in poster art for video games that will most likely never get made.

Actually, that's probably a little bit overdramatic. Most of these were never intended to be games in the first place. Most of them are just running jokes in the office. Most of them are just a bit of a laugh.

They're the creation of artist Scott Bartlett. He worked on Shooty Skies and Breath of Light. Him and the team at Many Monkey will often brain storm crazy ideas. Some of them become games, some of them don't. But Scott likes to make video game posters so he just makes the damn poster regardless. It's kind of his thing.

They're amazing. My personal favourite: Fleadom Fighters. It's Flea-To-Play.

It's a video game graveyard, but it's also a pun graveyard.

And honestly — a large part of me really hopes these video games get made. Who doesn't want to play 'Wording Bad'? (It's a word puzzle thingy.)

Yep. I really want to play these games.


    Gnomercise is clearly the best, but they're all pretty great.

      I dunno. Gnomercise is good, buy I'm not sure it matches Beatbox Kittens myself. Think about it, a rhythm game with kittens looking for that puuurfect beat.

        Get your coat, there's the door.

          *sniff* so harsh. Didnt realise there were so many gnome enthusiasts here.

    I really want to play Necro nom-a-nom. Even if it was just halloween themed Cooking Mama.
    And I don't even know what Hardcore Applecorps is, but I know I want it.

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