The Voice Actor For PAYDAY 2’s Wolf Has Jumped Ship As Well

The Voice Actor For PAYDAY 2’s Wolf Has Jumped Ship As Well

The news just keeps getting worse for PAYDAY fans.

In what is quickly becoming an apocalyptic turn of events, Ulf Andersson, the former co-owner of Starbreeze Studios and the long-running voice actor and model for PAYDAY 2, announced that he would no longer be working on the co-operative heist franchise.

It was announced earlier this year that Ulf would remain as a consultant to Overkill and the Starbreeze board while reprising his roles as Wolf in the PAYDAY franchise.

But amidst all the drama enveloping the co-op shooter, Andersson announced on Facebook that he will be working on a new venture with 10 Chambers Collective. “It’s sad, the community has been awesome and I had tons of fun both designing PD/PD2 and recording Wolf,” he wrote.

Andersson added that anyone with “the hots for hardcore co-operative gaming” would be intrigued by his new project, although nothing has been announced beyond it being a co-operative experience.


  • While I’m mindful of starting a political sh*tfight, Overkills management of this reminds me of a recently deposed Aussie PM.

    The pay-to-win thing was a bad idea to start with, but it’s CLEAR AS DAY that it’s a complete disaster now.
    There’s no way earn back enough money from selling those boxes to undo the damage that’s been done to the studios reputation and the good will harboured towards the franchise.

    The people have spoken, the people are pissed, APOLOGISE and FIX IT. You’re not going to win anyone over with the non-argument that these boxes are a good idea, you’re just doing tons of damage to your brand.

    • Some people have speculated that the base game could be going F2P at the end of the Crimefest although considering they are still selling the game for 4.99 that seems like a be unlikely, you would be pretty annoyed to have bought the game and have them announce F2P the next day.

      • As annoyed as looking forward to a free community reward and finding out that your ‘reward’ is a pay2win microtransaction system that the developers promised you’d never, ever see in their game?

        Give them some credit for catastrophically poor decision-making, they’ve earned it. 🙂

        • Not meaning to pick on you, but pay2 win? It’s a co-op game against AI. You’re not competing against other human players at all!

          • Completely irrelevant. The point still stands, you are still competing, you are still compared to other players, you can still pay for an advantage in a game about equitable teamwork.

            The point stands.

          • Do have you even played the game? You’re not competing against other humans, nor are you compared to other humans. I’m not sure how slowly I can say this to you specifically. Do I need to write this in crayon for you? As a co-op game, any advantage a player brings benefits the team. Since one can only win or lose as a team, and not as individuals, P2W doesn’t apply except at that team level.

          • Well some teams are more hardcore than others, for example in WoW if there was a way to pay to get an advantage if you were in a serious guild you would be expected to do that even though you were only competing against AI.

            People compete for things like fastest clears or world firsts. People like to compare their scores at the end of the round. Just because your victory over someone else was because you outdid their score vs shooting them in the face doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

          • Yeah, fair enough. Aside from mission specific goals, about the only thing I’ve picked up on other players doing fairly religiously is grabbing Gage packages, or bitching at the one player in your squad who gets the weapons mod post-match, when the rest of you only score Mask related stuff (which I feel is a duty :p ). But that said, I don’t play as much as I used to, so I’m prolly not picking up on that kind of thing.

          • It actually feeds directly into what I was talking about before, when it comes to the rampant and unchecked kicking based on epeen measures.

            Although, to be fair, it seems to be having an opposite effect at the moment… Last I saw the prevailing complaint about kicking seems to be folks kicking anyone they see with a weapon skin. So, Pay2Getkicked.

            (Edit: I am not-so-secretly expecting the outrage to autocorrect and the die-hards will be the same ones buying the skins for that little smidge of power to edge out everyone else and clear that little bit faster. People talk a good game, but those skins are on the market, people are buying drills.)

          • The kicking was a really weird thing that developed with the game. I don’t think I’d played anything else where players were so hardline about playing with or excluding a particular lvl. Even after Infamy was introduced, it was still fairly common so see players getting kicked because of their level, irrespective of their Infamy level (which would clearly state that they are not inexperienced. But I think you’re right, they’ll be vociferous now, but I’d bet decent money a bunch of them will dabble if there’s an advantage to be found.

    • It’s probably worth mentioning that many of the LNP policies have not changed under new leadership, yet public perception has. Ergo, Overkill just need to present a new leader with greater oratorical skill and a fluffier visage.

      There’s no way earn back enough money from selling those boxes to undo the damage that’s been done to the studios reputation and the good will harboured towards the franchise.

      The people have spoken, the people are pissed, APOLOGISE and FIX IT. So we’re to believe that if the developers shut the hell up and do what we demand, all is forgiven and we can all be besties again? I don’t see that happening, and I don’t see the angry mob sitting down for a cup of tea when they’re having so much fun.

      • I wasn’t talking about policies per se, which is why I was silly enough to bring politics into it in the first place.

        The whole situation reminds me a lot of the issue with Bronwyn Bishop and her fondness for getting helicopters instead of using her tax payer funded car. No matter what the PM’s initial thoughts were on the matter, it very quickly got to a point where it was obvious that he was going to have to make an embarrassing turn of face. The fact that he took so long to do it just made a bad situation worse and worse.

        Nobody ever gets every call right, and all of us make the occasional shocker, but there’s a skill to knowing when you’ve f*cked up and correcting the situation.

        This is way past the point where they should have apologised and taken their medicine. I’m not even mad or on some moral crusade against P2W, this is just bad business. A sincere apology will help stop the bleeding, but it won’t undo all the damage.

        • We’re all silly when it comes to politics and I have no intention of pushing this toward a blossoming fight on the matter. We’re in a similar boat.

          The thing is, Abbott was defending the potentially illegal misappropriation of taxpayer funds by a member of his party; Overkill as a company have released completely optional microtransactions for a product.
          The outrage felt by the public in both instances is tenuously comparable. The response to either event should not be reduced to “We’re sorry we did something you didn’t like, please be okay with us”. They are complex matters.

          Just keep in mind that developers do not, and should not, have to run every single business decision by their playerbase before implementation.
          The conclusions and demands of players regarding immediacy and priority of actions, that what the player says is best for business, is not always best for business.

  • Yeah, Alex, considering he’s still going to be making himself available for future Payday related work, it’s hardly apocalyptic. Why are you trying to beat this up? Are you trying to get a job working for Ch7??

    • So you’d rather a tone that you like rather than one that reflects the inherent loss associated with a full time, historically active team member following events that brought the credibility of the game’s lead developers and decision-makers into question?

      Nope. Go to school and learn to use your education to derive meaning from literature instead of appropriating it.

      • You should be more dickish in your responses. I feel you are often far too reasonable sometimes…

    • Link to the Facebook post indicates Ulf won’t be working with Overkill on Payday in the future.

      • No kidding? I hadn’t see that when I posted earlier. That’s a shame. I was bummed out when Pete Gold departed as he was great as Hoxton.

        • It’s a bit of a bummer. Though, when you consider that Ulf’s capacity at Starbreeze/Overkill went from full-time to consultant in May, and his interaction with Overkill has been diminishing over the past few months as he apparently moved toward 10 Chambers Collective, it’s not surprising that he’s stepped away for good. Now is just an opportune time to leave one co-op FPS and announce development of another.

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