The Xbox One Wireless Adapter For PC Is Finally Coming Out Later This Month

If you've been frustrated with the inability to use the Xbox One controller on PC without a long cable that inevitably starts falling apart after a few months, I have some good news. Microsoft is finally giving PC gamers the thing they've been screaming for — a wireless adapter.

It's coming later this month. No, really.

It looks like a USB stick, but it's basically your bog-standard adapter. Nothing special really — a black, Xbox-branded plug that'll cost $30. You'll need Windows 10 to use it, of course, although that shouldn't come as a surprise.

The listing on the Australian Xbox store has the same release date as its American counterpart, although the pricing works out a lot better after the exchange rate kicks in.

It's also much cheaper through Microsoft's online stores than going to EB Games, which is selling the adapter for $40. The placeholder release date is still at the top of EB's listing, although you'd imagine that will get updated in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The package also comes with a "USB extender cable" that's designed to "enhance placement and accessibility to the Wireless adapter", which is nice of Microsoft I guess. And there's an interesting note in the listing that users may have to download "[a] significant firmware update", but there's no information on how large that download will be.


    How about an effing wireless earpiece!? Why do they not care about releasing one? I thought that would have been one of the highest selling accessories for 360.. hell i had like 4 or 5.

      I used to use a 360 wireless earpiece on my PC along with the controller wireless dongle.

    Will this actually work in all games?

    As the previous wireless one didn't.

      That would be the fault of the developers for not optimizing their games for controller use. In the cases where games didn't offer support for the controller, I found that many could be modded to allow it.

      As for the xbone controller finally having a wireless PC adapter: IT'S HERE! (almost)

        The games worked fine with the wired 360 controller, it was just the wireless one.

          Is this true? Cause I was thinking about getting this, but if compatibility isn't as good as a wired 360 pad (or a Bluetooth Dualshock 4 for that matter) then I'm not going to bother. I know it 'probably' wont be an issue, but I don't want it cropping up down the line like my previous controller and Dark Souls.

            Wired XB1 is fine.

              That's not what I was asking thanks. Already have the X1 controller (and a wired 360 pad, and a Bluetooth DS4) just not going to pick up the adapter if it's not 100% as compatible as the wired 360 pad.

              Last edited 12/10/15 3:01 pm

                Ah right, was reading pointzeroone's comment and what followed on. Can't speak for the adapter, sorry.

            Assassin's Creed 1 and 2, the analogue shoulder buttons didn't work on the wireless controller, but the wired one did.

            There is fixes around now for this, but back when they come out there wasn't anything that I could find that worked, other than getting a wired controller.

            I would hope that this kind of thing doesn't happen any more.

    Awesome. Been waiting for this ever since I replaced my worn-out 360 controller with an Xbone one a few months ago. Using it with a USB cable isn't terrible, but it'll be nice to be able to move around freely again.

    Surely they could have made the box even bigger to maximise material wastage.

      Wait to see the box sealed in a plastic anti theft blister box ;)

    Win10 support only? Looks like i'll be going with the Steam controller. Well played microsoft.

      Just upgrade to windows 10. If you're concerned about privacy, you can just blocl the ips of the servers that steal your data.

    Sweet, not a bad price either, was expecting it to be more knowing how they like to overcharge for peripherals

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