There's A Reason Why Everybody Hates Hunters In World Of Warcraft

There's A Reason Why Everybody Hates Hunters In World of Warcraft

Even after a bunch of nerfs, the Hunter class in WoW is pretty strong right now. They dominated everything since Warlords of Draenor's release. So it's not a surprise that they have became an easy scapegoat lately.

Shooting arrows from max range while everyone's running around during a raid encounter might not be that stressful indeed. But Dark Legacy Comics's latest piece shows that blaming them for all the failures is a bit unfair.

There's A Reason Why Everybody Hates Hunters In World of Warcraft


    It USED to be because the mongrels kept rolling on all of our gear!

      Just wait until next expansion when Survival Spec Hunters become a melee class. Why yes... I would like that bow AND that polearm Mr. Master looter. :p

        Except they are removing weapons next expansion and you do a quest line to get your spec related weapon, and the Weapon drops are things you socket into the weapon to give it stats.

        @transientmind, @griff, @zombiejesus.

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          I know, but we run older content a lot for transmogs, I don't want to share with hunters.

    Used to be? I'll be rolling on your staves and polearms in Legion for my mele spec.

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      As a brewmaster MT who also needs agility polearms, you can go to hell sir. I already lose enough gear to you filthy sponges ;)

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      Wait, that's seriously going to be a thing again?



      (What. Saying it makes me feel better.)

        Yeah, they're changing survival to be a 'melee with pet' spec, and marksman is becoming 'ranged with no pet'. Also demo locks are losing metamorphosis and the focus is being shifted back to the pets and less on turning the lock himself into fancy demons, since that's more the domain of demon hunters now.

    We Hunters are responsible for everything that "goes wrong" in WoW, yet when you need DPS to carry all your sorry asses in raids, who do you come to: Us Hunters!

      Oh yeah? If I were still playing, I'd stack (Insert current OP spec) Mages instead, just to show you!

      There's always at least one Mage spec that qualifies, after all.

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    I think the problem is being a good Hunter takes effort, being an idiot hunter you can still top the charts with pet taunt on, aspect of the pack on and pulling the mobs behind the ones the group is fighting.

    Biggest problem, which has always been there is that they're easy to play, and so many people start one and then have no idea what they're actually doing or supposed to be doing in a raid, because most raid mechanics are tailored to making sure melee are moving around and getting out of fire. Oh and yes no weapons in next expansion, so maybe stop bringing that up.

    Standing at max range shooting arrows? Sounds just like my mage standing at max range throwing fireballs. What's the difference?

    Oh yeah, back when I played mage were top dps...

    I don't main a hunter but I hate this perception that they just stand back and shoot and don't need to focus on mechanics like the rest of the group... that's like saying ANY ranged DPS doesn't do anything...

      I think it's possibly because hunter max range used to be able to be specced to be a good extra ten yards on anyone else's max range. Also, hunters had better options for not standing in fire thanks to auto-attack and most abilities working while moving. You had to work pretty damn hard to craft a caster spec that's viable with just instants/cast-while-moving.

      There has been a bias the last few expansions of melee having to deal with more mechanics though, so in my experience ranged DPS do tend to get a little lighter. It's partly because healers are also in the ranged group and with almost all instant heals removed, they need to be able to sit still long enough to cast regular healing.

      That said, there's a few good fights in Hellfire Citadel that turn that around and put a good amount of mechanics on ranged.

        hell remember burning crusade heroics before patch 2.1 when melee were not taken at all because every single mob had 350 degree cleaves and sweeping strikes, i sure as hell do seeing as i mained a fury warrior and if you didnt have CC or a paladin tank after 2.1 then it was no heroics for you if you were melle and werent a rogue

          TBC heroics were just brutal all-round. They could have been toned back a few notches but Wrath heroics went way too far and made the whole experience a cakewalk.

            depends when you came back in wrath at the start they werent punishing hard like TBC or CATA heroics but you could still wipe on a few bosses and trash pulls (loken being a big one) however once you got naxx gear they became a cake walk and well uldar gear sealed it really the big thing that made them was the fact that aoe damage was much stronger and that mob health was pretty low ( heroic trash mobs had between 75-150k health depending the pull)

            Now MoP heroics.. they were easier than wrath heroics by mile, Warlods however got heroic dungeon difficultly right

              No way, Wrath heroics have been the easiest to date, MoP ones were between Cata and Wrath. Cata was much lower than TBC as well.

        Maybe my memory is fuzzy but I can't remember a single expansion that didn't saddle almost every single boss with a non-telegraphed, periodic and undodgeable 'stomp' attack as part of their regular 'base attack' rotation (in addition to cleave) to gradually whittle down all melee health to give healers something to do or force melee to use whatever self-heal they've been given at the expense of their resources being used on DPS.

        It was one of the key reasons I was always frustrated by fury warriors getting buffed when I was a rogue in vanilla. Plate trumped dodging for survivability, and we were doing the same damage, so if one's squishy and the other's not, why bother taking the squishy when they both do the same damage?

          I think the last time I saw something like that in raids was during Wrath, but my memory is probably about as fuzzy as yours. I said 'last few expansions' because that's about the extent of my recollection on that particular point. I main tanked vanilla and half of TBC then took a break and returned in early Wrath, so I missed a few TBC raids.

          And Overpower. That was like the anti-rogue ability. 'Oh, you're dodging? lol!' *splat*

    I don't main a hunter but I hate this perception that they just stand back and shoot and don't need to focus on mechanics like the rest of the group... that's like saying ANY ranged DPS doesn't do anything...

      hunters never really had a high skill level, then again these day none of the class have a very high skill level, yet in wrath feral Druids had a stupidly hard dps rotation, and in burning crusade you knew there was a skilled warlock in your group when he would top meters while fear juggling 2 mobs and having another CCed by his succubuss

        I remember that being my job with High King Maulgar back in BC. And the Mage tank as well, those were the days. And Hellfire Ramparts. Those massive mob pulls in the hallway. Used to be a lot harder.

      Same can be said of any ranged these days. Classes have been simplified so much. PvE is pretty much a faceroll on any class, really. The huntard hate is a pretty outdated relic from the old days that people still kind of hang on to.

      That being said, a bad Hunter can still do some pretty dumb shit if they don't know what they're doing - main offenders being Aspect of the Pack and Barrage. AotP is a pretty easy thing to do though, I've forgotten myself once or twice - but people are so snippy, that if AotP is on for more than 0.0001 seconds longer than needed, the entire raid is shrieking at you to turn it off. Relax fellas, calm your jocks.

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    Recently leveled a Hunter to 100, first time I've had a max level Hunter since I started playing WoW 10 years ago. And sweet merciful Jebus am I having fun. I used to rag on them as well, but they're just a truckload of fun to play. No regrets.

    Easiest class to steamroll and farm old content too.

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