This Australian-Made Skyrim Mod Is Like An Official Expansion

The Forgotten City was made by Nick Pearce, an Australian modder. It's ridiculous.

It's a murder mystery essentially, set in an underground city. The production values, for a mod, are completely ridiculous. It's out now, you can play it right now and if you're a fan of Skyrim you probably should.

Stevivor is currently running a great interview with the creator of the mod. He mentioned that he spent over 1700 hours creating it. My favourite part of the interview: "I’ve spent over 1700 hours on this project, so if 283 people play it for 6 hours each, then that’s a work to entertainment ratio of 1:1 – and I’d call that a win."

I have a suspicion he'll hit that 1:1 ration fairly easily.

The Forgotten City is a pretty big deal. It features 18 voice actors, delivering over thousands of lines of dialogue and tried to focus on creating =non-linear missions that veer away from the usual 'go to this place and deliver this item' fetch quests.

You can download the mod here.


    this is the stuff that makes me proud to be an aussie. well done mate. ill be checking this one out.

    Great comment - totally agree and hats off to Nick Pearce for a supreme effort.

    Could have sworn that was voiced over by Douglas Reynholm...

    (Looks amazing, thanks, Ill check it out.)

    Not to discredit the rest of his effort but this just proves how important professional-sounding VA is making something credible.

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