This Guy Just Beat Zelda's Ocarina Of Time While Blindfolded

People really like challenging themselves, but playing video games without being able to see the game is in a different dimension entirely.

It's taken 45 separate videos. The last one is around 3 hours long, although most of the recent videos have been between 90 minutes and two and a half hours.

But Zelda speedrunner Runnerguy2489 has finally done it — he's beaten Ocarina of Time. With a bag over his head. Blindfolded, although not in the classic way of actually tying something behind his head. That might lead to a little bit of cheating.

I'm actually a little suspicious as to how much he was able to see, although I imagine after eight or 10 hours you probably become fairly accustomed to the bag. And as he points out towards the end of the video, this challenge began just over a year ago.

"You never know what might just become an impossible task blindfolded," runnerguy2489 says. "There were times when I thought I wasn't going to get [100%]," he said after the final boss fight.

When you can't see, the simplest tasks become arduous. And that's really what makes this so astonishing. A year playing with a bag on your head.

Wonder what the neighbours would have thought if they ever caught a glimpse. If you want to see how difficult it was at the start, all the videos are here.


    Oh, this was the guy that did the child dungeons blindfolded for AGDQ. That was an impressive feat in and of itself. The story behind it is great too as he was mapping it out for a blind friend who wanted to play.

    I saw an article here about a blind guy who'd finished Ocarina. This guy's feat is obviously impressive, but at least he's had the benefit of already knowing the game inside and out.
    This blind guy stumbled his way through the entire thing without any visual stimuli whatsoever, which is flat-out astounding.
    If I'm not mistaken, he finished Abe's Oddysee as well.

        I was one of the friends who helped him do it! I even mention this in the youtube video during my speech at the end.

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