This Is The Power Of Heroes Of The Storm's Medic

The latest hero to be included in Heroes of the Storm is Starcraft 2's medic unit, known as Lt. Morales. As usual, players have gone about trying to break the game as best they can with the new hero, and in this match, Morales allows an Abathur caught with his pajamas down to actually out-melee The Butcher.

All things considered, Lt. Morales isn't considered a strong hero in the meta. Her single target heals are ridiculous. The strongest in the game. But her low health pool makes her an easy target for anyone who can pick others off (Nova has a field day), and she has no AoE heals or ultimate heal.

That kind of breaks the recent rule of new HOTS heroes being overpowered until they're nerfed. Some recent heroes have been nerfed several times and are still strong picks. A more cynical player might suggest there's a hidden understanding that if you pay for that new hero, you'll be blessed with a period of pre-balance strength.

But some fun and crazy things can be done with Morales, and videos have been popping up with her using the Medivac to transport teams all the way across the map, either to an objective or to better pull off one of the most important moves in HOTS: Rushing the core.

But this video is straight up bonkers. In a 1v1, no character can out-melee The Butcher. He does insane auto-attack damage, and puts a sign on you that heals him greatly whenever he attacks you. If The Butcher's sign is on you, you walk away. That's the rule. And if you're Abathur and you're caught out, you always try to get away. That's another rule.

So the above video shows how strong the medic can really be, throwing out several pieces of accepted HOTS wisdom by out-healing The Butcher's DPS.

Still, don't expect to see her in competitive matches anytime soon. Pro games are still a race to get Uther first, and several other more viable supports exist after that.



    She still seems fun. Planning on picking her up when she drops to 10,000 g in a week or two

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