This Is What Happens When A Ship Explodes In Star Citizen

It's very pretty. It's also more complicated than you might expect.

The detail is frightening. And the idea is to make explosions as natural as possible. You see the explosion from the outside, and then the inside which is even more incredible just given the context of the whole thing. These explosions are (virtually) real. They are responding systemically. It's pretty insane when you think about it.

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    So glad that space games, movies etc aren't trying to be too realistic. Imagine that explosion without the sound. No sound in a vacuum, pft, screw you physics.

      Didn't they get around that in Mass Effect by using 'sound simulators'? How that would work is probably space magic.

        Haha yeah space magic. Or some kind of expert AI hooked up to the ships information feed and generating a real time audio simulation of what nearby event might sound like? How bout them apples?

          It's all nanomachines linked to a vast AI network that make us 'hear' things.

      If you were /in/ the ship, you'd hear everything happening in the ship until the air vented. In any case, they're taking the Battlestar Galactica approach, where distant sounds are muffled and dulled. The anime Planetes took the no sound in space and it actually worked amazingly.

    Impressive work.
    Like games usually put some effects and boom explosion, but Star Citizen the way systems take damage and impact other systems, the dynamic damage models, several small explosions leading to the final one that REKs everything and everyone inside... Is just one amazing level of detail that makes me love this game.
    Only the multi crew ships on the 1.3 large map with other players will pay off what i invested on it! Unique game-play for me there!

    This things is what makes me go tell people that claim this is a scam, a game and progress that doesn't exist... To just open their eyes. :)

      Having that many people knowingly involved in a scam is pretty unlikely. Some people have allegedly said that they felt like they were involved in a scam by working there (or words to that effect) because resources were diverted from the game in order to produce the DLC ships and other stuff for sale.

      I've been pretty impressed by stuff that has been shown off so far. Graphically it is absolutely top notch.

    I'm pretty sure the internal view of that explosion made me pregnant.

    And I'm a man.

      Seriously, that''s what put me over the edge.

      Yes that is a euphemism.

      Now imagine that internal view with Oculus (or otherwise VR tech) ...

      Oh yeah. That's the stuff.

      *ultrasound results*
      Congratulations, it's a Class 2 Star Destroyer!

    that was the very best explosion i have ever seen and i was in Army!

    I haven't seen an explosion that arousing in my pants zone since Haegemonia came out 13 years ago.

    Also I just typed "13 years ago" and now I feel powerfully old.

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