This ‘Legend Of Zelda Maker’ Actually Exists

This ‘Legend Of Zelda Maker’ Actually Exists

We covered this in September, when the project was in its infancy, but now it’s been developed further and is available in Alpha form.

It doesn’t look all that flexible, and looks a little bit like RPG Maker or some other user friendly tools, but it might be fun to mess around with.

But it most likely won’t be long for this world.

It begs the question: would Nintendo ever make a Zelda maker? Would it be worthwhile? My guess is no and… maybe?

No, Nintendo probably wouldn’t release a ‘Zelda Maker’, probably because it would be way more complicated than Mario Maker and almost impossible to make user friendly. Maybe because well, I’d love to play well designed user-created dungeons.

Just make it Nintendo! Make it happen.


  • I think the biggest obstacle would be the overarching “game” of a do-it-yourself Zelda. You could build individual dungeons, and, conceivably, a progression of dungeons linked (ha!) by a common theme, but a full-on Zelda maker? Where people can make, say, even a five hour Zelda campaign complete with story and dialog?
    I don’t see it happening.

    • When seeing this, my first thought was for my first exposure to Zelda – Links Awakening on the Gameboy.

      Something like that shouldnt be too hard for anyone remotely gifted at this sort of thing, and that was a game that recycled its dungeons very well. Various blocked off areas you could only come back to later in the game when you’d picked up the appropriate skill.

      Occarina of Time level game? Maybe not, but for the earlier ones, theres no reason their styles couldnt be recreated.

      • I was more referring to what I consider the fundamentals of a Zelda game – an overworld, a story, item progression, unique puzzles… etc.
        I think it’d take more than a rigidly defined toolbox (which Mario Maker certainly is, despite the flexibility of your options within that toolbox) to translate the concept into an RPG.
        Yes, there are super talented amateurs out there who could do wondrous things with something like that. 99.9% of the “levels” which would come out of a Zelda maker style game would be unoriginal and bland… Just like they are in Mario Maker.

        • Fair enough. I was more thinking that there really wouldnt need to be THAT many tools needed for people to make some pretty expansive Zelda games. Guess it comes down to what you take away from these things – the massive amounts of junk, or the gems that shine through.

          Mario Maker does that, theres no reason a Zelda Maker wouldnt either, and then it just comes down to word of mouth, and how easy it is to get to the good ones.

  • This has already existed for a long time. Zelda Classic is a very established community that has been around for a fairly long time. I really don’t understand how Kotaku wouldn’t have known or checked this out prior to writing this article.

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