This Might Be The Cheapest Copy Of Fallout 4 In Australia [Updated]

The release of Fallout 4 is pretty goddamn close. November 10 to be precise.

But Australian retailers are already in the midst of a mini price war.

EB Games doesn't seem to be doing any 'deals', in the sense of discounts and whatnot. Makes sense since they've exclusively been given the right to sell the game's Special Edition. You can buy a bog-standard version of the game for $99.95 on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

JB Hi-Fi seems a little more reasonable. A regular version of the game will cost you $89 on console and $79 on PC. Not bad. Update: JB Hi-Fi just changed their online price to just $59, making it the best deal we've seen so far.

The next best deal we've been able to spot so far — at least in terms of Australian retail — is $69. That's what Big W is planning to sell the game for in-store. That seems... really cheap actually.

It's part of a broad sale on games starting October 29. A lot of upcoming major releases are super cheap.

— Halo 5: Guardians is $78 — The Rise Of The Tomb Raider is $69 — Call of Duty: Black Ops III is $64

All pretty good prices. You can find out more here, on Big W's newly released catalogue.


    Well, I know where I'm going then to get mine!

      Your loungeroom on Christmas morning?

        Why you make me cry Neo? Why you make me cry? :(

          He's been doing it that a lot lately, mean old bastard!

          Why you crying? You'll be able to play Fallout 4 in two months time. Right after you watch Star Wars.

            But.......................I dont wanna wait!!!!!!!

              Why not? It's only Fallout 4. You're gonna have to wait for an 80gb patch to allow you to start 3 months down the track anyways.

            Dude. It's more like 2 weeks.

              Yeah, but on my internet it will take 3 months to download.

    JB hifi are actually doing it for $59 across all three platforms. The website hasn't been updated yet though. Not sure if it's a pre-order only price or if it's the launch price, but $59 is awesome!

    >< 2weeks... 2 god damn long arse weeks til release. At least we know the game has gone gold along with Just Cause 3

    JB Hi-Fi has it for $59 if you pre-order!

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        Website has just been updated:

        You also get a Fallout poster upon preordering. Not bad.

      Woot woot. Thanks mate. I have $50 JB voucher just lying around. Game set and match ^_^

    Ozgameshop have the PC version for $60 if you're willing to wait

      Ozgameshop are terrible now. I remember when EB used to be the only one to sell games under $100, but as soon as they got the customer base and others dropped prices, EB started selling 360 games for $110. Ozgameshop are doing the same thing and are now more expensive than buying a disc at a shop.

    Big W and Target have been doing this with every big release recently
    Guitar Hero Live for $109 at Target - made me buy the game!!! I think it's great - Call out shoddy EB Games and their RRP model!!!
    Picked up Forza 6 for $69 as well

      From what I've heard is that Target/BigW were struggling to sell games and don't turn much of a profit (if any) selling at this price.
      Also EB Games do price match to these prices.

        Yeah they match. But they don't offer competitive pricing to the uninitiated.

        I feel like they prey on innocent relatives who want to buy little Jimmy that game he's been talking about for 5 months for his Birthday so they go to the games shop thinking that will be the best place to buy and spend a fortune!

        I am constantly having to warn people to shop around before getting me anything - ask me where its cheapest or just double check the catalogues. I just find it annoying that everyone is releasing games at 69/79 and EB games are stubborn at 99.95 - With a bit more competition they would be out of business!

        Just like First Choice Liquor - They price match but if you didn't shop around they have the highest retail prices - just too easy to feel like they dont want me as a customer! I would prefer a store to look after me and my interests if they are keen to get me back for repeat b usiness! If i have to do all the hard work whats the point in going to them!? Ill just go where its usually cheap, always in the packaging and will still price match, i.e. JB Hifi

          Because I'm a regular customer at local EB Games I like the service I get when I show up, otherwise I'd just go into Target if EB didn't do that.

            You like the geeky underpaid staff rushing around the store?! No thanks...

              They're not all underpaid, at least the ones I've talked to.

              And I've never seen them 'rushing around'.

              I do enjoy walking into a store as a regular, being asked how I'm going and able to chat to someone about the most recent games we've been playing or shared interests.

                Opposed to Target etc where you grab the display case off the shelf and have to walk around in circles trying to determine if someone is actually working in the entertainment department...

                Fair call - I used to like a couple of EB Stores but they go through staff so quick that didnt last!

                It's different everywhere though - I hear all sorts about people loving their local EB - all good but my locals are hopeless! Theres always a line up of disgruntled mothers and from what I've heard from a friend who worked there for years they are expected to go above and beyond their shifts without pay, like for example midnight releases!!! It was an expectation to attend as if it was a treat! Stuff that! I dont appreciate staff not being paid for working.

                And my local JB always give me discounts below the price matched rate anyway! just recently I got $40 off headphones, $10 off Madden and $10 off Forza 6 - after I price matched Forza 6 to Target's $69.

                I dunno - I even went for a job there when i was out of work going through a transition period and they stated i was over experienced (usual bullshit once you reach a certain age) and I still go back there! Just make sure you get treated well as a consumer I think and you cant go wrong!

                What a enjoy paying 20 to $30 extra to talk to some geeky emo teenagers..homo alert lol

          My sentiments exactly. And the more people that use EB's price matching, the less likely Target and Big-W are to keep seeing games as a worthwhile product to occupy space on their shelves. And if they stop, what will be left to match to? Hopefully JB keeps going strong, but this deal aside I notice they're not quite as competitive on games as they used to be.

            I see EB going under eventually just as GAME did.

            I think if Target and Big W keep undercutting them they will get back into the industry - I was shocked when a new Target opened near me a year or so ago and, just in the area, thought id pop in and have a look at games and they didnt even have a PS4 section!!! I grew up with Kmart and Target being cheaper than Sanity for music and cheaper than other large retailers like Myer for games etc!

            Im happy they're getting back into it though even if it is just for big releases. Love a bit of competition it's great for us consumers' souls!

              GAME were terrible, they had little market share, terrible prices, and seemed to care as much about games as K-Mart do now. EB still have massive market share and haven't done anything stupid like cancel everybody's pre-orders and keep all the cash.

            And the note on JB - I think they feel like they've established themselves pretty well in that space and dont need to drop prices so much anymore. Some new releases are $89 and that was unheard of at JB a few years ago - everything was $79 without a doubt!

          I've been denied price match for various reasons such as EB offering bonuses or the store not being located close enough.

          It's the store's decision wether or not they do.

            Never been denied a price match and if I was I would walk straight out!

              Oh yeah, I have & I did.

                This occurred also at a local gametraders.

                Target across the road were selling Elder Scrolls for $69 and they had it for $99. I asked to price match (as i had a voucher, they didn't know that yet though), and i was told that was less than they purchased it for so would not match.

              I've been denied it too, and it was pointed out that they no longer have an official price matching policy. At least publically online, you don't see any of those "Seen it cheaper" stickers any more either.

              Means they can decided just to refuse on a whim.

              It's an awful business to shop at and nobody should support it.

            It shouldn't be, according to consumer law. A guarantee is a real guarantee, and if the fine print doesn't say anything about any exclusions, then no exclusions can apply. I've never been told no by my local EB, and usually they tell me as soon as I walk in, sometimes a price that's cheaper than what I've seen.

    Meanwhile on Steam... US$79.95 / AU$110

    I expect the 'Australia tax' bullshit from the likes of Activision, but not Bethesda... Good thing there are better places to buy Steam keys.

    Last edited 26/10/15 3:08 pm

      I honestly think they don't realise it's USD and not AUD. $79.95 AUD makes sense and is reasonable for a new release, but because Steam don't offer Aus dollars for some unknown reason, Bethesda set it to $79.95 and forget about it.

      and the retail copies are Steam copies anyway..

      You can get a steam key for $59AUD as well. I never buy anything off the actual steam store itself.

        Do u have a link for that??

    You can get Fallout 4 for 60 bucks on ozgameshop for pc digital, nice price in my opinion

      That's a code though. Not great if you want a disc or you're on consoles.

      I got this cant wait. They did have the physical copy as well for pc for a dollar or two more when I bought mine (got digital as didnt want to wait for postage).

    I'm still not 100% on getting Fallout 4, I've only just started Mad Max and I'm really keen on Tomb Raider and NFS as well, not to mention finally getting to play Arkham Knight and MGS V... holy crap I have a lot of stuff to play...

      $59.99USD in America. $79.95USD in Australia.
      Good job Bethesda.

      Edit: Man the reply system is botched, clicked reply to Kasterix!

      Last edited 26/10/15 3:20 pm

        Clearly that extra $20 USD is for all the extra work it takes shipping those digital copies... Oh wait.

      I'm 100% getting it, but I'll do what I usually do with Bethesda games and wait a year or so for the GOTY edition, which will hopefully also have the worst of the bugs patched out.

        I'd be more worried about bugs if it was developed by Obsidian ;D

    I don't know how much I'm paying for it. My partner will be working the midnight launch at EB and she'll just price match it to the lowest price she can. Probably $70 or $80 or there abouts.

      Technically she shouldn't be doing that, unless she has a competitor who's also doing a midnight launch.
      EB are pretty strict about that sort of shit, I'd definitely tell her to be wary of price matching during midnight launches.

        Depends on the manager, some allow price matching at midnight, because their guarantee says nothing about a store having the same opening hours - if you price match a store that closes at 5:30pm when EB is still open at 7pm, they will still match it.

    Target are killing it to

      Haven't been able to find their price. Do you know what it is?

    Update: already mentioned.

    Last edited 26/10/15 4:01 pm

    Meanwhile. Still $100 on the Playstation Store. Lovely...

    It will soon be cheaper to buy the physical disc of the full game than the Season Pass. I am looking at you Star Wars Battlefront.

    Just bought this JBHIFI one as it was 99c delivery and only $5more than a digital online key. I better not receive just a steamkey in a box.

    Last edited 26/10/15 4:43 pm

    Just cancelled my Steam purchase. Fucking bastards ripping me off.

    If I sell my Pip Boy (which I won't), I would have the cheapest, as I assume people would be wanting to pay $50 for it (I would pay that in store).

    GMG have it for US$75
    edit: WINTER-ISCMNG-22PERC for bigger discount, $58.50

    Last edited 26/10/15 5:36 pm

    ORDERED!! thanks Mark. lolMy Work colleagues are ordering them from Jb now! JB FTW!

    As for the pipboy, well I just shelled out $1000aud for a 3d printer so I could easily print one off if I really wanted too. (print white 100micons and then use model paint, would look better then sold ones).

    ozgameshop has it for $59.99 for the steam code but you get back $6 in player points. so $54 if you intend on buying another game in future from them.

    I Hope all know that the PC version on Disc as in Physical copy is still a steam key not the full game on disc.

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