Three Queenslanders Are Brewing A Craft Call Of Duty Beer

I'm far too exhausted to craft of a joke connecting XXXX and Black Ops, but let's just pretend of one. It's appropriate, after all, since we're combining Queenslanders, beer and the most mainstream franchise you can think of.

It's been a six month project for Michael McGovern, Eddie Oldfield and Dan Norris, but the three Queenslanders have finally lifted the lid (with Activision's blessing, obviously) on Black Hops Brewing.

Black Hops is a small brewery that has, to the absolute shock of no-one, created a craft beer especially for the latest entry in the bro-shooter franchise. Their creation is called a Midnight Pale Ale, a light ale created with an imported item called "midnight wheat".

"The beer is black in colour, but light and refreshing like a traditional pale ale, perfect for the Aussie summer," McGovern said in the press release. The brewers also put together a video showing the process, which you can view below.

It's a perfect storm: COD, Queenslanders, and beer. A very Australian response for fans of the franchise.



      We got cactus bars, big American trucks, Texas Longhorns and a total disregrard for the rest of the continent. How can we be more Mericurn? CoD BEEEER!

    The fact that I didn't think of that pun name for a beer concerns me.

    Last edited 28/10/15 6:22 pm

      Black Hops 3?

        Came here to post that :)

        DAMMIT! I clicked this link hoping i'd be the one to initially make such a grand pun. Kudos, sir, you have bested me.

        Last edited 29/10/15 10:54 am

    There is also a Fallout beer being released by Carlsberg.

    Is the game and beer equally as shitty in comparison?

      I can see the commercial for it now.

      Bunch of blokes walk up to a bar, order a round of Black Hops. They all say cheers, clink their bottles, and proceed to drink. Abruptly, a bunch of 10 year olds walk pass the pub windows, and proceed to shout the drinker's mom's sexual exploits.

    Unless it contains Mountain Dew and Doritoes, Its not a COD beer.

    probably tastes generic af,
    sad cause beer is awesome :(

    Does it taste like bitter disappointment

    Great, can't wait for the Deus Ex beer "Deus XXXX", or the Pixar beer "Inside Stout". But what I'm most excited about is the craft beer made by a German Brewer for Minecraft. I believe it's called "MeinCraft".

      MeinCraft sounds awesome. They could shape the beer bottle like an enderman or something.

      I was going to suggest maybe a creeper beer bottle, but people who don't know minecraft might think I'm just drinking out of a big green dick.

    Does it make you regurgitate it every 12 months?

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