Tiberian Sun Is Getting Added To The Command & Conquer Fan Remake

Tiberian Sun Is Getting Added To The Command & Conquer Fan Remake

I’ve spoken about OpenRA before, the fan-driven venture to rebuild the Command & Conquer series in a package more compatible with modern systems.

It already supports the original Command & Conquer, Red Alert and the underrated Dune 2000. But a new addition is now being added into the mix: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.

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Tiberian Sun was one of the biggest releases for the C&C franchise behind Red Alert 2; it sold 1.5 million copies within a single month and, thanks to the surge of interest in the series following the initial Red Alert, was hyped to the hilt.

It continued the GDI/NOD storyline left off by the original C&C and its expansions, with Kane re-emerging to assume his role as an oddly likeable megalomaniac that wants to see Earth reborn as a hive of Tiberium.

The game carried on the series’ legacy of having exceptionally cheesy FMV cut-scenes and added an isometric perspective for the first time. Also, James Earl Jones. Come on.

It’s a natural fit for OpenRA, although the team hasn’t officially pushing anything out yet. But in a new build of the game, YouTuber SoScared101 discovered a work-in-progress version of Tiberian Sun in the fan restoration project — and, as you do, he recorded it for posterity.

I missed Tiberian Sun the first time around, which is odd given that I played the original C&C, Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Renegade, Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath when they all landed. Now’s a good time as any to fill the dead zone in my history, I guess: OpenRA works on every major platform and it’s just about the best way of scratching that old-school RTS itch, should it ever emerge.


  • Tried openRA last week! awesome memories. If only you could save games though! Not interested in online, but I can’t see that the devs have a save game state working. Kind of needed for later single player missions if you need to walk away from pc.

  • Dune 2000 was an awesome game, everyone I know played it. Not as good as Dune 2, but definitely worthy of the franchise.

  • I got reasonably far into Dune 2000 and have played and finished most of the earlier C&C’s, being the original, Tiberian Sun and RA and i actually quite enjoyed it! Challenging but satisfying.

  • Oh wow Tiberian Sun. Classic. I don’t think that many people played it but I played the shit out of it. Good times.

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