Today’s Destiny Daily Quest Is Also Full Of Secrets

Today’s Destiny Daily Quest Is Also Full Of Secrets

Destiny, a video game in which players spend hours and hours dropping out of strike playlists, is still full of secrets. Today’s involves a little old place called the Vault of Glass.

As we’ve all learned by now thanks to the Black Spindle, the developers at Bungie are putting all sorts of secrets and easter eggs in Destiny‘s daily heroic missions — you know, the harder versions of regular story missions that rotate every day. Today’s daily heroic, a mission called Paradox that tasks players with revisiting the game’s first raid, is no exception, although the rewards aren’t nearly as cool.

Turns out there are a few interesting things to find in Paradox today. There are three new ghost shells hidden in the Vault. Discover them all and you can trigger a secret mission that concludes Praedyth’s story — and gets you his ghost shell.

Redditor esoterickk made a handful of videos that show off how to get the ghost shells and trigger the new mission. First, here’s ghost shell #1, hidden on a secret path right around where you find the first chest when doing the raid.

Ghost shell #2 is in the secret passage right near the Templar’s Well. You can get it after beating all the Taken. (Fireteam recommended — they’re tough!)

Shell #3 is near the jumping puzzle after you’ve beaten the boss of Paradox — don’t scan Praedyth’s body, though, or you’ll trigger the end of the mission and get kicked to space.

Once you get them all, you’ll open a doorway — the doorway people have been theorizing about since the Vault of Glass launched last September — that will take you to a battle with a bunch of Taken followed by a Blighted Descendant. Once you beat it all, you’ll find a chest containing a “Cult Ghost” that Nolan North surmises must have belonged to Praedyth.

Sadly, nobody’s found any cool new weapons or interesting quests related to this secret. You can bring Praedyth’s ghost shell to Lakshimi on the tower, but all you get for turning it in is a reputation boost. Maybe this is all part of some larger hidden quest that will lead to an exotic gun — where’s Time To Explain? — but if it is, nobody’s solved it yet.


  • Gone are the days of everyone figuring stuff out themselves. Then telling your mates about secrets when we get together over cold ones. I kinda miss the old no internet era of gaming.

    • I was in a party last night and people were all just checking Reddit to get the codes, then proceeded to rush through and rant on abut each step.

      I had to politely quit the party so I could go and figure it all out by hand. Discovering the code via the knight sequence was awesome.

      • Yeah good on you, I know I sound like a fuddy duddy but I kinda get sick of people showing us the way instead of actually learning it the hard way. Kinda takes the fun out of games for me. Hence why when I play a game I strictly stay off the net so no spoilers or gameplay walkthroughs ruin it.

        • Agreed, it takes away that satisfaction when you finally get that prize at the end.

          That being said, I just don’t have the time to figure it out myself, so I’m kind of on both sides of the fence

          • Im not on any fence I just miss the old days is all. Especially with a game like Destiny it would take stupid amounts of time to figure shit out so the internet is a blessing in way for this. But still the old days lol.

          • I concur. Used to be more fun and satisfying figuring stuff out yourself.

            I have a mate who only ever buys games once they’ve been out for a few weeks so he can use a guide to get all the achievements. I don’t get that at all – almost pointless in playing it.

  • Destiny, a video game in which players spend hours and hours dropping out of strike playlists

    Yeah, I’m getting pretty sick of that. Took me six goes at a heroic strike before I was able to complete one where enough people stayed. The one I completed, still had a person leave, was just lucky the other guy stuck around and was geared to the teeth so we were able to 2 man the rest of it.

    Needs to be some kind of penalty introduced for leaving, like a deserter debuff that stops you queing for another strike for 20 minutes, or something behind the scenes that keeps track of the leavers and puts them in their own matchmaking pool so they only get matched with each other.

    • I like the idea of a leaver debuff, that’d be great…. if the connection didn’t continually drop out too 🙁

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