Tomb Raider Has Come A Long Way

It's funny how our memories of certain games are just way off compared to the reality.

The game I always reference is Goldeneye. A few years back I played Goldeneye at a friends house and I couldn't believe how badly it had aged.

Tomb Raider is kinda similar. We have this memory of what Tomb Raider was like. It's probably inaccurate. This video is about the evolution of Tomb Raider as a series — it goes through the incremental evolutions of the series. It's fascinating. For me the most interesting thing is watching games that I remember looking a lot better, a lot smoother. Even the last Tomb Raider game doesn't look as good as I remember it. As our standards change and improve I think we look back on these older games and reimagine them in terms of our new standards.

It's super weird.

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    It’s funny how our memories of certain games are just way off compared to the reality.

    I remember this about the Resident Evil remake:
    "The trick that a modern re-release must perform is to be like the game we remember rather than the game that actually was, and Resident Evil HD does so admirably."

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    I remember working on the Lara Croft model for the original game in 3D Studio DOS, I dug out the old models just a few months ago, and man was it low poly!
    That video actually looks better than I remember it.

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    There are some images in this article that are more telling:

    its funny for me once games hit the PS2 level they just start to look extremely gorgeous. Don't get me wrong some of my best memories and some of the best games ever made spawned from the PS1 and N64 era but they do look like turd (in most cases). But i find after the PS2 most stuff starts to look good and the graphics dont detract at all from the experience.

      PS2 was a golden era for gaming. Especially JRPGs and their wacky, experimental derivatives.

    Pretty sure the original Tomb Raider was before Super Mario 64? It was an incredible achievement at the time, the first true 3rd person 3D adventure romp.

    Tomb Raider 1 and Super Mario 64 came out around the same time. I remember because I was sad I didn't have a N64 to play it but young me tried to make myself feel better because I had the PC amazing 3Dness that was Tomb Raider.

    And then I got stuck at really annoying bit where you had to collect 3 keys to progress, and due the blurry graphics being blurred as, it took me forever to find the 3rd key and I had walked over it 10000 times.

    Also I disagree with Tomb Raider having aged badly. Watching these videos, Tomb Raider 1 looks just like I remember it and even now hearing the theme and watching the video of her exploring and jumping etc still looks amazing. The problem with Tomb Raider is it was beaten to a bloody pulp of a dead horse.

      Agree with your last point; the earlier ones look just how I remember them, and I'd still play the heck out of them.

    A few years back I played Goldeneye at a friends house and I couldn’t believe how badly it had aged.

    Wash your mouth out! Goldeneye will never age!

    I still think the weighty controls of the original Tomb Raider are still fun. There's a whole heap of really cool gameplay systems born of the block-based engine limitations that really just gel with me - always have. I swear, give it an hour and you'll find the fun in it. The original, for all it's dated visuals and such, feels like a tangible, real world. The atmosphere it contains still hasn't seen much in the way of an equal to this day. Love it :)

      yeah the feedback from a world like that with the heavy controls is its own rewarding. Kinda why something like Super Metroid to Dark Souls gels so well with people the age.

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