Ubisoft Offers Refunds After Might & Magic CD Debacle

Ubisoft Offers Refunds After Might & Magic CD Debacle

When PC players ordered the limited edition of Might & Magic Heroes VII, they expected a physical copy of the game and soundtrack, as advertised. But for some players, there was a cruel surprise: an empty hole where the DVD and CD should have been.

Here's what it looks like, based on melchior1090's Imgur post about the ordeal:

Ubisoft Offers Refunds After Might & Magic CD Debacle

Sometimes things get missed up in shipment, but a lengthy thread about the collector's edition on Ubisoft's message boards suggested it was a lil' more than that. Everyone in the US who had ordered this version was also lacking discs.

melchior1090 was not alone.

Ubisoft Offers Refunds After Might & Magic CD Debacle

Instead of a disc, the box shipped with a digital version of the game. The reason to order these fancy collector's editions, however, is to have the physical items.

What really upset some players, however, was Ubisoft denying them refunds. Here's how blackdragon203's conversation went with Ubisoft customer support:

"Honestly what collector buying a collectors addition wants a digital download? I paid for expedited shipping for this. Why would they even offer expedited shipping if its digital download. I called the Uplay Shop today to ask for a refund. The support representative said he's already had 5 calls about it today. They gave me the standard run around saying that it could not be returned because it was a digital download. I did not purchase a digital download. It was not listed as such when I preordered it. They tried to tell me I need to call another number and then gave me the exact same number I called (1-888-824-7038). After 40 minutes on the phone they finally transferred me to a 'managers' voicemail. Now I received an email stating: Recently you requested personal assistance from Ubisoft Support. We assume your issue has been resolved and have closed your ticket. If you do not need any further assistance with this request, there is no further action needed."

The complaints culminated in a massively popular reddit thread that seemed to finally catch Ubisoft's attention, as the company quickly did a complete 180.

In an official statement, Ubisoft said it would offer refunds and a free game:

"Ubisoft regrets any confusion created by the marketing materials from our Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector's Edition. We understand that some customers in North America were not aware the Collector's Edition delivered digital versions of the game and soundtrack. Ubisoft apologizes for any frustration and disappointment resulting from these items being in digital format vs. physical format. We are accepting complete refunds from any dissatisfied customers and will be providing a compensation plan of one complimentary digital PC game for consumers that have already purchased the Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector's Edition from the Uplay shop in North America. Affected consumers will be able to pick one game of their choice from a selection including Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Rogue, The Crew, Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition and Zombi." We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope the above statement will help to clarify the current situation."

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Ubisoft plans to ship more physical DVDs.


This isn't the first time something like this has happened recently, either. The limited edition of Halo 5: Guardians ran into a similar predicament, with players only being given a digital code for the game. Microsoft has tried to make good on that, however, by allowing people to swap the code for a physical copy.

The quasi-digital future is weird.


    Ahh Ubisoft, I have yet to regret boycotting everything you touch.

      Ditto! Lost interest during the wii shovelware era.

    Between Ubisoft and EA its hard to find a AAA title I'm willing to buy.

      I honestly think EA has improved a bit over the last couple of years, still got a way to come but Ubisoft as far as I'm concerned is hands down the worst these days.

      Hm? EA has dragon age and mass effect. Ubi have their few signature titles like far cry, assassins creed (I know it's pretty bad now), child of light, valiant hearts.

      Both have their good stuff but it seems like their management decision making is pretty bad. Like this case how the fuck so they decide to remove the physical content after advertising it. Not the developers fault but the managements fault.

    Love the logic:
    gamer: my physical CE doesnt come with a physical CD; I want a refund!
    ubisoft support: sorry, but we cant refund digital downloads which you have

    Just thought I'd point out that it doesn't affect Australia, as usual we get the Europe version of the games complete with disc.

      Well that's a handy comment. Thank you very much. Why does the Australian site insist on posting their American counterpart posts without any clarification

        Laziness most likely, or it might be automated. Happens all the time here unfortunately.

    Yet another reason to NEVER PRE ORDER ANYTHING.
    Because apparently gaming companies are all managed by idiots.

    I tried a Ubisoft game (Heroes 6) tonight.. nope, Uplay wouldn't connect so I can't play it. Never again Ubisoft, never again - I refuse to buy any more of your tainted games.

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