Valve Removes Games From Steam Machine

Valve Removes Games From Steam Machine

Briefly: Valve fixed one of my big issues with Steam Machines… kinda. Games with their own launchers (e.g. Trine 3, Starbound, and Evoland) won’t, well, launch. Valve has removed the SteamOS-compatible tag from around 35 games. Some devs are working on new launchers. Fingers crossed that everything’s resolved by release day.


    • Click bait title, helps get advertising revenue.

      Makes you get ready to read that steam is removing all these games then you read that its reasonable.

  • Hardly. Bring out a new launcher (that doesn’t use java) and is suitable for SteamOS… or don’t use one at all, and log in via the game itself. Pretty simple. Launchers can also cause problems when trying to stream, so I’d be happy to see them gone.

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