Batman Returns To PC Bearing Gifts

Batman Returns To PC Bearing Gifts

Briefly: Warner Bros. is selling Batman: Arkham Knight on PC again, and anyone who’s bought (or buys) it before November 16 will get every Arkham game for free. A “community challenge pack” will arrive first for PC owners in January, and the DLC that’s already come out on consoles should be coming for PC players soon.


  • ……..

    Eh what if like me you ALREADY own the previous games? Not very well thought out WB. Would’ve personally made Batgirls dlc free for everyone…

    • I think they are kind of hoping you do own the previous games. That way despite giving them to you, you paid for them.

    • Yeah. I’d almost guarantee that 90% of the people who pre-purchased Arkham Knight or otherwise purchased it before it was taken down did so because they were fans of the series and had played (probably owned) previous entries. It’s basically “Here, have some free stuff you probably already have. But it’s free, so it’s good, right?”
      Wrong. I’m not normally one to complain about free stuff, but I probably would’ve preferred a skin pack or nothing at all.
      Although we do get the “Community Challenge Pack” (whatever that is) and TF2 hats, so there’s that. I won’t be putting any money into their DLC though.

    • Either that, or very well thought out because it doesn’t cost them a single short-term cent. Long term good will, however…

      Actually, I don’t think giving away anything is going to make a difference at this point. Do you honestly think that many people burnt by the technical issues would change their mind about buying the next release, simply because they were given any kind of free games this time round? They’re either pissed off to the point of no return, or rusted on supporters who’ll buy the next game regardless.

      • Absolutely it does to some people. How many went back to Ubisoft after the debacle that was Unity? By rights that game should’ve sunk the company…

    • Let’s reward the fans of our game, the ones who bought it as early as they could with the previous entries in the series that they are clearly already fans of.

  • Just tried playing it and it’s more broken than it was before. I’m one of those people that successfully powered thru the games launch with no real issues beyond a few broken textures but now when I try and play it I can’t even get past changing the graphics settings without it freezing. This is a complete clusterfuck.

      • Weresmurf, just curious, why would Stoob not be able to ask Steam for a refund? If he has just bought the game since re-release and has only played for less that 2 hours he should be able to I would think. Is it because WB won’t allow it?

        • Steam would likely see he’s played over a certain amount of hours, had it this length of time, since launch not re-launch, it’s post re-release date. Those factors would likely be taken into consideration at this point.

          • Thank you, that makes perfect sense. Here’s hoping Steam will still allow it since most of the comments I have seen since this re-release have stated that the game is still fairly broken, not sure of the T&C’s of Steam refunds but I would hope that it would cover things like this. Such a shame! 🙁

  • Not much of a “gift” considering that those who bought the PC version most likely already own the entire series on PC anyway.

  • According to the Steam forums, this game has no new fixes and just adds DLC support. Also, my compensation for owning all the games in the series and not being able to refund a retail version of the game is a meh port of a 3DS game. You would think that they would give fans of the series something they might not have, like the season pass like AC Unity did or another WB game like Dying Light, Mad Max, the broken Mortal Kombat X or Shadow of Mordor, but no.

  • What a fucking joke, I already own all the previous games and have had this pile of shit sitting in my library for 4 months now. Could have at least sent out gift-able copies to steam accounts, or just give out your bullshit season pass to customers who bought your so called “pre-release”.

  • So the last DLC content has been release today and nothing from WB on the original games offer that is highlighted above.
    I got no offer and I pre-ordered the game with Season Pass (yes, I feel like an idiot)

    Any chance u can investigate, I would rather take a second copy then have them back flip

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