Watch Counter-Strike: GO At Melbourne's Crown Invitational Right Now

eSportsball time! Ignore the 9 October date in the image above, the Crown Invitational CS:GO tournament is running today too. If you're not there virtually shooting up the place or watching, you can get in on the watching action online.

All you have to do is hit up the Counter-Strike page on the FOX Sports website. I was presented with an empty site when I hit the page up in Chrome (likely because of this), though it worked fine in Firefox. If you're not happy with the video quality, it is possible to crank it up via the stream's settings (the gear icon in the bottom right corner).

At the time of writing, Cloud9 and Team Immunity are doing battle. Apparently the pistol usage is on point.

If you'd like to read more about the competition, Alex did a good job covering the essentials earlier this week.

Counter-Strike [FOX Sports]


    watching a bit in between the a league. Pretty good game. A bit more interesting on tv than i thought it'd be lol

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