‘We Wanted A Perfect Future And — We Got It.’

“We wanted a perfect future and — we got it.” The story trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III is here, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Why’d they have to call in the Special Victims Unit?


  • Voice acting seems top notch. Seems like an interesting story. Almost Deus Ex-ish

    Also, did I spy some ww2 scenes?

  • If it’s as cinematic as it’s shown, I’m kind of tempted. Less First-Person action in cutscenes, and more acting and story-driven.

    The story is… interesting, I might wait until a review, but overall this seems pretty good for a Call of Duty game if you ask me.

    I think CoD will always have this stigma over it, being an FPS overall. If Activision wants to break that streak, it might be better to maybe create a new IP.

    Like Naughty Dog, for example. They wanted a truly emotional experience, and they made The Last of Us. So if Activision maybe grabs all three developers of Call of Duty, give up CoD for the next three years (give us a break from the franchise), and bring us a truly great experience for PS4 and Xbox One.

    Use Call of Duty’s engine for all we care, if it’s easier for you to develop, but make a game that’s like Call of Duty, but more. Maybe change how the gunplay works, modify it to extend more than Call of Duty could do.

    Create characters that we really care about, and a story we want so much more of, and you will make hundreds of millions off, but never make a sequel.

    Give the developers a chance to extend their arms and create something amazing.

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