What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hey, it's Friday! That means we get to play video games a little big more for the next couple of days. What are you all playing?

I've sorta decided that I might just opt out of the Destiny thing and continue along the Metal Gear Solid V path. I haven't managed to play much of MGSV at all in the last week or so, due to work/family/Bachelorette committments. I'm also heading out for a family trip this weekend, so it's going to be extremely difficult to find time, even over the long weekend.

That being said, I'm just gonna have to find time.

What are your plans for the weekend?


    I'll be playing more Rainbow Six Siege. Oh and also playing the original Rainbow Six as well :D

      Is siege still in beta? I thought it was only for last weekend

    Having an interesting gaming weekend.

    Hoping to finish Until Dawn with my mate on Saturday night. He's not really a gamer but he said we absolutely have to finish the game (which we did a 2/3 marathon of a few weekends back).

    Been playing a bit more of MGS4 and getting into it now. Just beat Laughing Octopus, which was a nicely designed boss fight.

    Got into Sleeping Dogs definitive edition and having a decent time. You can really see the last gen-ness of it on PS4 though. The fighting is probably the best kung fu I've ever played in a video game and the story is a nice take on the old Infernal Affairs films (great films by the way).

    I've just about finished unlocking all the songs in Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX and not feeling the songs as much as the Project Diva f/f 2nd repertoire.

    Child of Light I'm being pretty patient with. It's an eye-catching game with interesting systems in it, particularly on Vita, but the story seems a little bit bland so far. Some of the characters are nice but so far lack any real impact.

    EDIT: Also, Bachelorette? LOL!

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      Sleeping Dogs was easily my best game of 2012. The fighting was really well executed, didn't feel as dull as the colour-coded countering system the Arkham games use. Littered with wonderful little bits and pieces that all serve to complement the whole. It does feel a little unfinished, they had to cut some side elements out when the project ran out of money, but I maintain hopes that a proper sequel will come eventually.

        But oh my God the driving is so crap.

          I actually got used to it after awhile. I don't know if I could go back to it (just like I recently tried to play GTAIV after years of Saint's Row games) but I didn't really struggle with it. Even car chases and races were a breeze with the ramming mechanic.

            Having just replayed the Enduro race about 20 times due to being knocked off my bike by being run into by the AI or being beaten by the blatant AI rubber-banding, I respectfully disagree (although the ramming, drifting and action hijacking are otherwise very cool).

              I feel the same about PW. I just want to get MGS V already!

                Ugh, stupid phone. I think you know where that reply was supposed to be!

              TBH I don't recall a single motorcycle race. I wonder if that was added into the current-gen port or something. I bought the story-based DLCs but not the collectible-based ones that added more clothing and the hidden money packets, so there might have been more races too.

                I do like the canto-rap that plays on car radios though :-)

      I'll also be playing some MGS IV. I'm really loving it. I've just beaten act 3. After the boss battle there's a seriously epic cut scene. Pretty cool though.

      I then plan on playing MGS Peacewalker HD then eventually I'll get to MGS V GZ (free PS + game)

      I'm hyped for playing MGS V TPP but I might be all Metal Geared out by then.

      I will get to it eventually.

      Happy playing!

        Torn as to whether or not to play Peacewalker or just read up on it and go straight for GZ. Like you say, there comes a point when Metal Gear is just too Metal Gear.

          Peace Walker is exhausting and the only MGS I have never finished and I am the biggest MGS blowhard ever.
          It is so designed for a portable and for other people joining you online that it kinda becomes broken. That and it doesn't play well to suffer through it.
          Having watched the 2nd half in cutscenes on youtube and seeing how it plays out (a non-event) I was relieved I made the decision not to keep playing. There (for me) was no payoff.
          Playing V though there are references so you would be mad not to watch the cutscenes online though.

            Good to know. I think I'll just check it out on YouTube.
            Thanks for the heads up.

    I go on two weeks annual leave after today with the first week being almost entirely dedicated to catching up on my gaming...the big ones will be Witcher 3 and MGS V...with a sprinkling of Rocket League and a lot of other games I haven't had a chance to really give a good go at yet.

    Hope you all have a great long weekend (where applicable)! :)

      your going to need a lot more than two weeks of holidays to get those 2 games done

      they are both freaking epic...also long....but epic.

      enjoy you holidays good sir (or madam)

        I hear you Steed! I have been playing Witcher 3 on and off since it came out :) I don't plan on finishing them during my holidays but more spending some more quality time with them. I always feel bitter sweet finishing great games so I don't mind at all if they take me months (Skyrim took me a year) to finish :)

          That's how I like to go about it too, I much rather take my time and enjoy the scenery than just power through and feel like I missed out on something. I find metal gear to be more suitable for a quick pick up and play (a mission or two) than witcher. I feel like anything less than a few hours with witcher and I achieve nothing (other than ohhh isn't it pretty)

          I am 60 hours into witcher and about 20 into MGSV, but they have both taken a back seat to NBA2k16 at the minute. at this rate I will never get them done before Fallout drops.

          Any chance you want to swap your holidays for my working weeks????

          no.....ok i'll just show myself out then.

            Yeah I am bit the same, though if I am only playing Witcher for a brief period then I tend to just do some of the side missions. I can normally do at least two in just over an hour and I find most of them just as entertaining and fulfilling as the main campaign.

            Please let me know your thoughts on NBA2K16? keeping in mind that while I do like to play sport games, I play them more for fun than the career mode/technical aspect, so you could consider me more of a casual player. Hope that makes sense.

            No deal I'm afraid, I have been looking forward to these waaaay too much! I still think that there should be gaming public holidays, say one each quarter? I am sure that businesses and government would support this for sure :P

              Public gaming holidays, best idea ever (have you thought of running for PM, you have my vote).

              2K16 is really good, I've only managed to play for a few hours but its super tight. I usually play a lot of the mycareer mode (this year has a storey tied to it by spike lee and i'm not sure how I feel about it yet) there are plenty of other modes to play if a career isn't your thing. The online seems more stable than previous years. all in all id say if you have the slightest interest in BBall or sports games then its a good one to get. If you just want to have some fun and not worry about running plays etc, you can set it to arcade style and it basically becomes NBA Jam (no half court dunks though unfortunately)

              let me know if you pick it up and I'll be keen for a co-op or vs game. I can help show you the ropes (the controls take a while to get down pat)

                I have considered it, my policies would be turning NBN back into FTTN (easy win), gaming public holidays (harder win), more incentives to grow our gaming development here (more jobs overall and money for the economy). Then I realised that most of these come from my own selfishness and I would have no idea how to run a country, I think we have all seen too much of that already :P

                What system are you playing 2K16 on? I have a PS4 and PC so hopefully it's one of those so we can play co-op (as VS would mean I am no challenge to you at all)

                  You sound like a politician already (we might have to work on your honesty though, as in you have to much of it!!!).

                  I have 2k on PS4, but I do most of my gaming on my PC (I also have a Xbone). I got 2k on PS4 because I had 2k14 on PC and it looked awesome graphically but had a heap o bugs that were never patched, the community was really small, and when you did get a online game they were more than likely using a cheat to basically have 5 lebron james rated players on court (no cheat protection)

                  My username for PS4 and Steam is Steed1080 (its St33d1080 on Xbone) send me a friend request if you like. Don't worry about the VS being no match for me.....

                  I AM NOT THAT GOOD AT IT !!!

                  I had a mate who hadn't played in about 2 years beat me on his 1st try one drunken night recently at my place. I use the excuse he was using Golden State and I was using Boston also that I was too drunk, but in honesty we all know he just beat me.

                Hi Steed1080, Apologies for the very late reply but I only just got back from leave and saw your reply from the 2nd. I haven't gotten 2K16 just yet but I will add you on PS and Steam in the meantime. Looking forward to having a game with you some time! :)

    Rivals of Aether will probably take up a lot of my time this weekend.

    Step 1 - wife and kids out of house
    2 - start drinking and gaming, probably Destiny.
    3 - pause for AFL GF (still drinking) GO EAGLES!
    4 - recommence gaming
    5 - rinse and repeat for NRL on Sunday. GO BRONCOS!
    6 - prepare for Bathurst next week while waiting for divorce papers

      Hah, another sport nut. For me its Hawthorn and Cowboys though. And Bathurst is a yearly ritual, can't wait.

        I just like to remind people that you can game and love sports too! Spring carnival also in full swing now ;)

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          +1 for sports nuts!
          Watching NFL whilst playing Forza 6 as i type this! (I'm on annual leave)
          Massive weekend of sport!
          AFL GF Sat - Go WCE!
          EPL Sat night - Up the Hammers!
          World Cup Rugby Sun Morning - Go Aussies - time to shut the poms up about the Ashes!
          NRL GF Sunday evening - Go the Broncos (happy to see 2 QLD teams for the first time though)
          Then more EPL Sun night and NFL Monday Morning. Then next week the A-League starts, NBL starts and of course Bathurst next weekend. Huge 10 or so days of sport!

          Whilst trying to watch all the sports I will be playing Forza 6, Rugby League Live 3, NBA 2K16, FIFA 16, Destiny TTK and MGS:V. Not really enough hours in the day for all of that...

      Mine could be similar but swap destiny for either splatoon or NBA 2k16 and remove the horrid eagles and swap with the Hawks and we are on to something.

    I've been playing Persona 4 Golden on the Vita. Will pump a few more hours into that.
    And maybe something else on the backlog...Armikrog?

      Who is best girl? (Hint: It's Rise)


          *smashes bottle on the bar* OK, you're going down!

            *lifts foot ready for a high kick*
            *looks terrible in a skirt, since is 33 year old man*

    Mad Maxx again. I'm on track to finishing it 100% all things going well this weekend has been an awesome game really enjoyed it.

    probably going to try to finish as much of MGS V as possible.

    Bachelorette? really Mark? really?

    If I can ill try and get some destiny in if nothing else than to see xur
    Otherwise I have no gaming plans because I usually cop the glare everytime I try to play games on the weekend

    MGSV, Magic Origins and more apartment hunting. MGSV is almost done, Magic has started feeling sorry for me and giving me good RNG, and apartment hunting is getting easier. Should be a good weekend.

    Got the Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion, so I'll put some time into that.

    Once again trying to get through my Steam backlog before buying any new games. So gonna try to play through a full campaign of Xcom: Enemy Unknown (before buying Enemy Within), finish playing through Transistor, and maybe a play through of DOW: Dark Crusade.

    Will probably sprinkle some Dota and CS:GO in there as well. I'm also trying my hardest to get into Styx: Master of Shadows, but I just can't... might give it another crack, but I'm not loving it so far.

      Might also have a crack at Planetary Annihilation as well! I'm just praying I got the less-buggy re-release as part of the bundle instead of the broken original :/

    Um, Battle for Zendikar maybe? If i can get my hands on some. Ppl tell me its sold out everywhere...
    Otherwise MGSV and Mario Maker...

    THE TAKEN KING and the Witcher 3. The Witcher has taken up so much of my gaming time, its such a long game, but almost done all the question marks in Novigrad and all the mission so can finally move on to the Skillgard isle's.

    Arkham Knight and Alien Isolation are on the cards this weekend.

    Might also be catching up with friends on Monday for some board games (Pandemic, Betrayal etc)

    Lego dimensions! because i had some pre orders i paid twice for :P so i decided to get it :)

    MGSV is in the machine but I feel that before tonight is through I might put Dark Souls II back in - currently getting my arse handed to me repeatedly in the Iron Keep by Armourer Dennis and Fencer Sharon two of the most frustrating NPC invaders I've encountered.

    I finally finished Witcher 3 last weekend! Got a phenomenally happy and well-deserved ending. Finished virtually everything. Only missing, like, five trophies. Such a great game. Can't wait for the expansion.

    Been playing through Arkham Knight. Good fun. Bit hollow. Will dig through that this weekend. Also have a hankering to finally plough through the second half of GTAV. Or start Phantom Pain. Can't decide which.

    All in all, a pretty good problem to have ;-)

    Megermon's Leg ends on Vita

    Metal Gear Too Much Space Between Interesting Bits on PS4

      I know right. I kinda wish he smashed the story. I listen to every cassette tape and I still think, "hello MGS plot where are you?".
      How does the game start with a flaming man and a whale scene have nothing happen for the next 30 hours. Seriously WTF Kojima?

        Yep, it's like he's been listening to all the non MGS fan complaints, so now we get a sandbox with little story. Boo :-(

    Destiny, Rocksmith... really should give my PC some love. Might continue with Hacknet... Destiny's 2.0 patch came out just as I got to a really interesting plot point, so haven't touched it in a while.

    A bit of Destiny with friends. Most likely trying to get as close to the Platinum trophy in Disgaea D2 as I can before 5 comes out in a fortnight and possibly getting through a couple more MGS V story missions if I feel like it. There'll also be some Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Operation Abyss mixed in and maybe some random Jamestown + and Curses'n'Chaos runs.

    Metal Gear Solid V
    Pausing to watch AFL Grand Final
    More Metal Gear Solid V

    Well, saturday I get to play the adult game of clean up the garage so I can cram an unused pool table in there and finally get around to reclaiming my lounge room and maybe go bed shopping for my sick new mattress that gets delivered tomorrow. Super hype for this mattress. Other than that I think I might be finally getting to start playing a dnd game with some friends from NZ because I am a giant wuss and have always wanted to play but never got around to asking if anyone else wanted to.

      Good luck with the D&D. What system will you use, 5th Ed?

        no clue, my friends are dm'ing so I'm just along for the ride. should be fun though

      You had me at "adult game", then lost me at "clean up the garage"...

        yeah, it's a necessary evil though. I'm getting a new lounge set with some awesome recliners and taking the opportunity to rearrange the room I'd taken over as my lounge room so I can stop the sun from glaring up my tv. I know it sounds super boring, but man I'm hyped to redecorate this room

    Stocking up on food and drink so I dont have to leave the house while all that AFL madness is happening. Hopefully taking down Oryx in Destiny tonight, maybe some MGS and Hearthstone with a sprinkle of H1Z1 and Dota 2.

    CSGO as usual.

    Look for Geralt of Rivia on Casual. ;)

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