What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Metal Gear Solid V won't end. But it won't stop being awesome either, so now we're at an awesome/too long impasse.

But I also want to play SOMA and the Star Wars: Battlefront beta. Conundrums people. Conundrums.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Battlefront, Battlefront and more Battlefront. Also I need to do TTK raid so might squeeze that in somewhere before more Battlefront

    Folklore on the PS3. Basically had it since I got my PS3 so it's high time I actually played the darn thing.

    MGSV here, I logged back in after like a two week break to find grade 7 weapons(green so yay! FOB tier)) and a gmp limit increase, so looks like the game has allowed me to sink more time into it.

    Also battlefront demo if its free? i assume theirs no requirements for console?

      Free access to everyone, download it now if you can, only 7GB. The beta ends on the 12th, going by the time it went live that should be Monday evening at some point

    Played some of the Battlefront beta last night. Really enjoyed it surprisingly. Already uploaded my first few games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phD8YWntJbs and want to upload my next few games where I managed to get 38 kills in Tie-Fighters.

    Still playing MKX and Shadow of Mordor. Just got to the second zone, so now I have to collect everything again.

    Also need to prepare for Mondays Iron Kingdoms. I'm recording our sessions and deciding what to do with it. Need to chop them up and upload them somewhere for people who are interested.

    On the last boss of Megaman Legends, hopefully I'll kill the bastard.

    Taking a break from MGS V, I'm just not a sandbox guy.

    Sparked up Shin Megami Tensei IV again last night, got all excited after the announcement of SMTIV Final.
    It's a lot easier on NG+, I'm able to fuse really high level demons & all the skills I'd learned carried over.
    It's good, because I'm more just trying to see the story again, you know, the one every one claims doesn't exist?

    It's Bathurst this weekend so probably not much. Maybe squeeze in some Persona 4 Golden.

    Got a PS4 for my birthday yesterday, so SW Battlefront beta for me :D

      Happy birthday dude, enjoy it :) plenty of great games available now

    Anyone know how long the Star Wars Battlefront Beta will be "live" for in Aus?

      It runs until the 12th so I'd say Monday evening for us around 7-8pm judging by the time it went live yesterday

        Thanks for that!

          Don't come chasing me if it goes down earlier on Monday :P but yeah, all weekend it'll be up :)

    Replaying Mass Effect.


    (I think I I have a problem).

      Take heart. You're not the only one.

      (Paragade Infiltrator Man-Shep this time 'round).

      It's everyone else that has a problem, friend.

      Last edited 09/10/15 5:38 pm

    Grim Dawn, Diablo 3, Bioshock Infinite, Alien vs Predator, maybe some Lego Dimensions.

    Possibly a bit of Destiny with friends and then a bunch of Final Fantasy Typo. There'll be some Operation Abyss and Etrian Mystery Dungeon as well in the gaps. I'm at the grindy part of MGS V so I'm either gonna take a break for a while or do a mission now and then.

    Mad Max

    probably Battlefront beta

    hopefully some Mario Maker

    maybe some DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

    busy weekend ahead :P

    Been going ham on MGSV and regretting it. It's not nearly as interesting as the previous entries in the franchise with the drip-feeding of story in contrast to the story-in-yo-face of the previous games. I think MGS4 was too much story but MGSV is too little. The open-world gameplay is cool, but once you complete side ops it becomes pretty apparent except for MGO/FOBs there isn't really a whole lot to do in this game.

    Taking out outposts and camps and stuff is still pretty fun, though.

      I watched a cut-scene last night on MGS4 that I'm sure went for well over an hour. On the other hand, watching Liquid do his thing is pretty awesome.

        Yep. The final cutscene is about 90 minute son its own.

    Got Traffic Simulator 2015, I mean Cities: Skylines, during the week, so I'll definitely be trying to get traffic into my city without backing up for kilometers. That and the Battlefront beta, which was far more fun than expected.

    I bought Broom Service last weekend and would love a chance to deliver potions but I don't think that'll happen. Instead, I'm going to head to my FLGS with a copy of Seasons and see what happens.

    Destiny, Rocksmith, Hacknet (I will finish it this weekend! *determined face*)... Maybe pick up and make a start on Telltale's GoT, as it's pretty cheap on steam this weekend.

      Destiny, you say? DESTINY??? OK then. Destiny it is...

      Also the fiancee wants to watch a load of catch-up telly so I'll probably be in Elite. Want to give the CQC a go?

        Maybe... Never been a fan of the combat, honestly - I'm a trader. That said, I haven't been on since the mission revamp, so might give that a try.

        Despite all my above intentions, in reality I'll probably just end up cultivating my hippie magic in minecraft... Power through (magic) flowers! :P

    Uncharted Collection and Magic Origins. I'm struggling though. I absolutely love everything about Drake's Fortune except actually playing it. The gravity of everything is just slightly off. There's like one fight and it's replayed over and over again, each encounter lasting two waves of enemies more than it should. The way the areas are laid out the climbing feels padded and linear rather than exploratory. I've got a very strange relationship with it right now. Can't wait to get onto the sequels.

    Jade Empire! Original Xbox version. Such a great under-rated game. PC is getting repaired, so I've been digging through my old collection.

    I have a MTG draft night with some friends Saturday night, and around that hopefully I'll get some time for Life is Strange ep 2!

    I'm up to mission 41 in metal gear so hopefully I can polish it off this weekend. I need to get a move on as I still have Mad Max and Batman unopened and they need to be completed before Fallout comes out otherwise they'll never be played

    Bathurst and Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition on Gamecube.

    MGS4. I've beaten Raging Raven and am wondering how far I am through the game. I'm thinking about half-way?

    Mass Effect - the urge to replay it got too strong recently. Wandering around the Citadel again feels good (but boy was it big and empty in the first game).

    Sleeping Dogs Definitive - lots of fun.

    Child of Light (Vita) - wavering but ploughing on. It seems a little light on character development. You run into a whole bunch of people one after the other. They join your party. You never really learn that much about them. The battle system is OK but I am growing to hate getting interrupted all the time, especially by enemies that speed themselves up.

    Miku 4 Ever (Vita/3DS)

      There's 5 acts I believe. You've just finished act 3 I think. (hour long cut scene to finish it off!)
      I finished act 4 the other day. Took about 4-5 hours I think. Full of nostalgia.
      Don't know how long the 5th act goes for but I'll find out soon enough.

    Battlefront baby! Can't believe how confidently DICE has managed to capture the Star Wars aesthetics in that game. Very impressive. Also still need to finish MGSV and might take my frustrations out on some pedestrians in GTAV to break it up.

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