What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The race is on. Finish Metal Gear Solid V before Fallout 4 comes out.

Never gonna happen.

But I'm part of the problem. It's my playstyle. I work so hard to not get spotted. I go slowly. I like to mess around in the side missions. The other night there I played for an hour an only did a side mission.

Bugger it. I'm loving it. I'm having so much fun playing it this way. So I'm going to continue. By the way, just for the record: D-Dog is the best buddy.

What are you playing this weekend?


    House work 2015.

    The place is starting to look like a Bat-cave, minus the crime fighting action, film noir style stories and art deco design.

      Yeah, me too. That and playing with modifying the 3D printer to have temp control.
      As for gaming, I fired up the original Halo on legendary the other night when I couldn't sleep, and now kinda have to finish it! Still addictive after all this time.

    Finished MGS4 - going for some trophies (!)

    Oh, and for the record, I played it, then watched a couple of comprehensive Metal Gear lore videos, and still don't really understand what the hell happened, except:

    Big Boss got the shits that Zero developed an AI network to take over from the flesh-and-blood Patriots, and wanted to kill the system. Snake believed that Liquid Ocelot wanted to hijack the AI system to control the world's military hardware and soldiers (or something). Snake tried to stop Liquid but finds out after killing Liquid that Liquid and Naomi were really trying to fail, so that Snake could succeed in stopping Liquid by inserting a worm developed by Sunny into the AI network, thereby destroying it from the inside and achieving Big Boss's plan. Some side stories about Raiden, Vamp and the B&B squad, plus Snake meeting his mum, Eva, who believed, like Snake, that Liquid Ocelot was the bad guy.

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      Is it worth playing 4 before 5? I've never been into MGS, tried 4 a while back and felt meh about it. But I want to give MGS5 a proper go and want to know if I should do 4 first?

        I'd say it's optional. From what I understand, MGS3 is the one to play before MGS5, since MGS3 is a Big Boss story. MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4 are more or less Solid Snake stories. The other fact is that MGS5 is set earlier in time than MGS4, so I'm guessing that the only stuff from MGS4 that will be relevant will be flashbacks in MGS4 to the origins of Big Boss and the Patriots.

        So if you have a choice and particularly want to play an MGS game before MGS5, I'd go with MGS3, and then watch a Youtube summary if you really want to know the full story. MGS4 is a pretty good game, but the story is kind of convoluted to say the least.

    I have the urge to buy Destiny and take the plunge... Please stop me/encourage me.

    I've completed MGSV and all the side ops, 3 main missions to finish and then I think I'll retire it. As much as I want to fully upgrade motherbase, unlock all weapons and equipment, and complete all missions with an S ranking AND complete all mission objectives, I just don't think I'll be having fun if I continue. I've already put 95 hours into it and it's getting (understandably) stale. Still my game of the year though.

      I'd say unless you've got some people to play destiny with and are just trying to fill some time, probably give it a miss until it's a bit cheaper. It's a fun game with friends, the shooting's great ... but the vanilla story is incredibly lackluster and a real slog at times.

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        I'm the only 'hardcore' gamer of all my friends. None would play Destiny with me. Perhaps it's a miss then.

      I found at that point it wasn't so much stale as direction-less. The way they use the hard mode missions to pad out the regular missions towards the end really killed my momentum. S Ranks are a lot more fun if you're going for speed based S Ranks (the easiest way to get an S Rank is to just rocket through the mission for a low completion time), and you can use all the stuff that limits you to an A rank to get all the mission objectives. It's a bit of a cheat but using the stealth suit and all that mixes up the regular gameplay a little. It can be fun to just blast through like a stealth wrecking ball, bombarding bases or calling in sand storms.

        Yeah I've found that I've already S ranked more than 50% of the missions on my first try, really easy to do. I actually really enjoyed the hard mode missions, especially the total stealth and whatever the ones are called where you start with nothing and you need to acquire gear from soldiers.

          Subsistence. I wish there were more of those two mission types!! Future DLC *crosses fingers*

      Hard decision. I have 250 hours in Destiny. The Taken King is a good place to start, but would I recommend it. Depends on what you like. If you like playing at your own pace, repeating the same activities and grinding for loot, and have a few Destiny players on your friends list, then it is a fantastic experience. It does take a lot of investment but if it gets you hooked it is like crack.

        See I know I would like it, but I don't have friends that play it. Sure I could befriend randoms online or use the LFG website, but I feel like it wouldn't be quite the same as actual friends.

      Plenty of Kotakans in there. PS4? Add me. Happy to assist/advise. Enjoy the early story missions by yourself the first time through, and then there's a group usually running strikes of an evening. Several of us are happy to kick around with new players and provide support. There are xBox players here too ( @kermitron f'rex)

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        Appreciate it mate thanks. I'm holding off for the moment, decided it would be a poor choice right now at least until next pay :S

          Fair enough. Week after next I'll be on a LOT as I have a week off. :D

    You can easily finish Metal Gear before Fallout 4. It only took me 97 hours.

    I have a dog trimming appointment tomorrow to do first.

    Playing MKX still, being nice to players online that I whomp. Might get back into finishing FF14, I've paid for the last two months without playing. I'm working my way through Dishonoured DLC, bought them years ago but never touched them.

    I also got back into doing my Halo 3 review/commentary. Nice to feel productive again, I've been putting this one off worse than Halo 2.

      What platform are you playing MKX on? I played it on PS4 many months ago, and I found that it was pretty terrible online. Still played a bunch of it but the input lag was really bad even on an excellent connection. Is online better now? Btw - Raiden for the win

        PS4. Online is usually fine, when you get someone local. The real problem I noticed is when I'm downloading a patch and I haven't seen it yet.

    Disgaea 5, Disgaea 5 and maybe some Disgaea 5. Actually, there'll probably be some casual Destiny with friends and Etrian Mystery Dungeon/Ar Nosurge in the gaps.

    Bought Styx yesterday so I'll either have a go at that today or tomorrow. Might also do a video on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

      Let me know what you think. I had a crack at it but couldn't get into it, might give it another go at some point.

    Destiny, probably. Trying to get to Iron Banner Rank 5 at least once in year 2 before I write it off. It's not been going well so far.

      I have been finding playing control in Iron Banner a hard, lifeless slog after the chaotic beauty of Star Wars Battlefront. I got the 7 wins and 13 plays bounty but that is enough for me. The rewards are lacklustre and the drops miserly.

    Been sick all week, watching others play games on YouTube.

    I'd love to finish off MGS V & Alien Isolation but not enjoying either as much as I'd hoped.

    I'm outta the house all weekend, so probably just Super Meat Boy on vita for me.

    I'm OK with this.

    Magic Origins and, as embarrassing as it is to say, Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist. I'm just in the mood for a card game and Duel Monsters is better. Don't judge me.

      Have you played Hearthstone?

        Didn't really care for it, but at the time I was just checking it out because it was a thing not because I was looking for a TCG to play.

          Man, it's been an addiction of mine since beta. Bit of a barrier to entry now with all the new expansions in that most of the competitive decks require cards from each, however it's still the best example of F2P I've ever encountered. I highly recommend giving it another go.

    After watching the new Ratchet & Clank movie trailer I downloaded the trilogy on PS3. Will be playing a lot of that no doubt!

    Also Diablo 3 and Mario Maker.

    I might play Phantom Pain, I'm at the point of the game where i just open world hunt for containers and procrastinate doing S ranks and bonus mission objectives. so if I find anything else before than ill happily accept the diversion.

    I'm not a big fan of all the re-doing missions on harder difficulties to advance the story, it just seems like filler and is really disjointed in terms of story progress. Why would I be doing this again if I already did it? I understand playing the game again on a harder difficulty and going through it from start to finish, but forcing you to replay missions to advance the main story is weird. It's this part that feels nothing like a typical, story driven MG game, which i miss.

    But goddamn it plays so incredibly well. Sometimes I'll do a mission and then just work my way from end to end doing side quests and taking out mini outposts in different ways, switching up my equipment.

    Also I've gotten pretty good at invading other peoples mother bases now, so keep an eye on your shit. I REALLY wish I could specifically target my friends and jack all their stuff, but there doesn't seem to be a way to search for people, or look for people directly on your friends list? Anyone know?

      If anyone does know, they won't tell you because then you'll jack their shit.

        Ah dammit, I've really tranq'd myself in the foot there.

    Might pick up the new Dragon Quest game tonight if theres time, and then its on like Donkey Kong...

      I might just play Donkey Kong. The old Atari 800 is hooked back up again, and the cartridge is just sitting there, calling me with its siren song.
      ...How high can you get? ... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.....

    Will finish my weapons testing in Destiny, then some Rocksmith, and sightseeing the Afghani Desert from the vantage point of a cardboard box.

    There’s no freaking way I’m getting through The Witcher before Fallout 4 hits.

    I just don’t have time :-(

    Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS, while travelling to/from the beach. Not sure how I feel about it, but I'll give it a few more hours before I make a decision about whether to keep playing.

    Might try to squeeze in a couple of games of Dota, or keep going with my run-through of Xcom.

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      Aww yeah Dota. Did you get the compendium? I'm going on a two day compendium challenge quest.

        Not this one... I haven't been playing much recently, so didn't think it would be worth it.

    Yeah @markserrels - I'm going to have the same issue with trying to finish The Witcher 3 and it's related expansion before Fallout. Gahhhhh! It's just not going to happen. I thought about putting Fallout on hold and clearing the decks, but I don't think I will be able to ignore the excitement of booting it up and playing that instead.

    shadows of mordor (12 bucks savings)

    the crew wild run beta buggy as hell not even working atm in beta

    elite: CQC

    wildstar free to play

    want to get back into far cry 4

    cant wait for roller coaster tycoon 10th december
    maybe: COD BO3, fallout 4, just cause 3, battlefront; maybe

    I have another two assignments due this week...but I'll still show MGSV some love. I've put a hold on the main mission and I'm doing some side missions just to slow my progress a little. Still having a ball with the game, I don't want it to finish :)

    Age of Decadence - It's finally out and on a Thursday too!
    Metal gear rising - Who knew chopping up people was so fun.
    Heroes of Newerth (like every weekend)
    Tales of Maj'Eyal - just getting into it, pretty overwhelming so far. So many variables.
    Derpstone dailys of course too.

    Tomb Raider is currently free for Games with Gold. already finished the campaign but I'm thinking of cleaning up some achievements and collectibles because its such an enjoyable game.

    I'm hoping to finish the story levels of Lego Dimensions this weekend. I've been enjoying the shit out of this game. I kinda expected it to be a collectibles money-sink with a really weak game to justify buying more collectibles, but the actual core game is terrific.

    MGSV. I dunno. I find it gets repetitive. Not blown away. it's not bad though.

    Will probably finish GTAV, then move onto Hearts of Stone. Or jump back into Batman. Or Halo 3. Or complete some episodes of Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands. Or start Phantom Pain.

    Good problems.

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