What Are You Playing This Weekend

I'm still crawling (literally and figuratively) my way through Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. What are you all playing this weekend?

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is out now, so I'm guessing more than a few of you will be playing that. I have a theory about Assassin's Creed: it's terrible when we think it's going to be good. And amazing when we think it's going to be terrible. Therefore Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is clearly gonna be a game of the year contender.

What are you all playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


    I have a small Warmachine tournament to attend to on Sunday. Been thinking about going back to the basics and starting with Kreoss.

    Still playing MKX, been getting into Shadow Warrior quite a bit. Also started up FF14 again. Up to about level 45, so the end can't be that far off.

    Probably a final burst of destiny before Halo 5 and then Fallout consume everything.

    I figure I'm going to be drafted into some Mario Maker. But I did just get a Street Fighter V beta invite, so I'll be giving that a go (I'm going to be terrible). Otherwise, probably trying to get some of the don't-die trophies on Super Meat Boy vita and returning to Lords of the Fallen after being away and not playing console games for maybe 6 weeks!

    A bunch of Disgaea 5, and probably more than a few rounds of the SFV beta. Outside of that I'll most likely slot in some Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Ar NoSurge. Kingdom also looks like it might be good for a quick round here and there too.

    Finished MGS4, so now playing Mass Effect again on my PS3. Doing an infiltrator Paragade run.

    Zelda A Link Between Worlds on 3DS, about 1/3 - 1/2 way through it, and enjoying it so far. It's a pretty well-designed game, if not tremendously exciting.

    Might get some Armello, Sleeping Dogs or Tales From The Borderlands in on PS4 too.

      How's your aim with sniper rifles?

        Not too bad. In ME3 I used to like using the cloak / Claymore to do a lot of damage, but who can resist the siren song of the Widow/Black Widow?

          My main playthrough was an Infiltrator. Other 5 playthroughs seemed easier (admittedly I had also game experience by then).

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            Ha ha, I know what you mean, although any playthrough where I DON'T romance Liara feels like a sham.


    About to finally finish The Last of Us and then start the Uncharted collection!

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    Probably more Fallout 3, only 30 hours into my currently play through. So much to explore & pilfer still!

    Started a Fallout 3 play through. I prefer it over New Vegas and needed something Fallout-y to soak in for the next 17 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes.

    I'm playing "Fix the front yard, or else", "House-cleaning: Visitors", and "OMG Sunshine - BBQ edition"

    Between that, maybe some Grim Dawn. Because I'm cheap and can't afford new games.

      Same here. I also got the DLC "Mow the Lawn or your sleeping on it"

        LOL thisweekendill be weeding
        my front yard which is the worst collect-a-thon ever devised

    Destiny - need to get a VoG run in for that pulse rifle, and would love to be able to get into a hard mode King's Fall group, but not optimistic on that front; MGSV - don't forsee finishing that game for a few months at least; SOMA - started that a couple of days ago, and enjoyed my two hours thus far, tho I fell through the world this morning at a checkpoint, so I might be stopping if it doesn't load my save correctly. The silly season is just starting, and I've already got a daunting backlog...

    Um...the Fifth Element for PS1, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Star Wars Kinect, and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue on N64, just to name a few.

    Probably some diablo 3 mixed in with some wasteland 2 directors cut. Maybe some batman arkham knight as well although I'm not sure if I want to start something new so close to fallout 4.

    Guitar Hero Live, which I'm loving at the moment. Probably some FIFA 16, and definitely some Time Clickers.

    Probably some Lego: Dimensions, some Uncharted and maybe some Guitar Hero: Live if I decide to pick it up (would much rather have Rock Band, but it's just so damn expensive). Also, the usual AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes and Time Clickers.

    Guild Wars 2 : Heart of Thorns launches this weekend, so be jumping back on GW2 again. Good timing because I've just gotten my regular WoW burnout. Refraining from buying games this month in a vain effort to save money, so not having Trfiroce Heroes is going to upset me. But finished a re-playthrough of Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm last week, so got the RTS bug. Been debating finally doing Company of Heroes 2 campaign, or a replay of Dawn of War/Dawn of War 2.

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      Is that this weekend?
      Here I was tossing up between it and FFXIV online...

        Think it might actually go live in a few hours, need to double check timezones, etc.

        Recently got off the FFXIV bandwagon too. Always come and go. Got a 50 BLM, and done some of the end game instances (not raids) but something else always gets my attention. GW2 is so unique though. Always feel like I'm not paying it enough attention when I'm not playing it, whereas WoW/FFXIV I usually don't miss it when I stop. It's weird.

    More Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist and Magic Origins, but I've been playing with the Unreal engine the past few days which is pretty fun so I think I might spend most of my weekend with that.

      Would love to know, what kinda system specs do you need to play with unreal engine. Could probably google.. But you know..


        Not sure how realistic those are. I would imagine you can get it running on something significantly weaker than what they've described. The tools themselves aren't particularly demanding and when testing if it runs at under 10fps for more than a minute it gives you the option of jamming the settings down to the minimum.
        All you need to do is sign up for an account, download the launcher, then install whichever engine version you want to use. I think 4.9.2 is about 5GB. If you can spare the bandwidth it's worth installing just to see how it runs.

    Guitar hero and life is strange. What a series life is strange has been, absolutely incredible!

    Maybe Guitar Hero Live or the new Ass Creed, depending on which one i get tonight....if i get either at all...

    Just bought KOTOR 2 so I'll most likely be going through that. Also finally got people playing on the Aussie server for Project Reality so I'll be playing that too.

    @os42 I'm joining a group of randoms at 12:30 sa time for hard mode and they had one free spot last time I checked...

      If the spot's still free, I'd love to join you guys... as long as people are committed. Not a fan of PUGing and having to replace people halfway through every encounter.

        Well it is a PUG for a blind run of a hard mode raid so I'm not expecting a steely-eyed, well co-ordinated team. I just want to give it a shot.
        The group I was thinking of is full but I've actually double booked myself and the other group has two spots left.
        That group is probably less likely to succeed but if you're keen you could take my spot. Or I can bail on the first one and join you there too.

        In any case, sign up for: www.the100.io
        Tis the bomb. I'm Jocon89 as always and mostly hang in Alpha Company 85: https://www.the100.io/groups/382

          Wow, that site's progressed a bit - haven't used it since April's Fatebringer-chasing VoG run. Group was pretty friendly, and never had an issue of people quitting halfway through, even after not getting the drop they were after. Good folks.

          Added my name to Alpha 85's 1pm AEDT run. Not too worried about finishing it, a couple of HM drops would mean wonders for my alts, who're yet to get their NM raid completions, but they're all 300+ anyway, so not too concerned. Up to you if you want to swap - I certainly don't want to pull you away from a good group if you're after a full run.

            Eh I'm not expecting to down Oryx, but hopefully make a decent dent.
            I'll stick with the first group then, see how we go.

            Speaking of, have you done nightfalls yet?

              Yep, got my third done last night.

    Some GW2 sounds good, haven't played that in a while although I don't have the heart of thorns dlc, tempted to get into fallout 3 again but don't know if I can give it the proper amount of time before fallout 4.

    This weekend is going to be all about assassins creed. Assassins Creed III that is

      Ooooo, edgy!

      I didn't mind that game. I thought Connor came across as very dour and unlikable, but he did have a very hard act to follow in Ezio.

        It's a bit of a buggy mess, think I'm going to bypass doing anything in the forts. But as an AC game it's ok. Playing my my wife so the map full of things works as it gives her something to focus on. Hunting is fun and the actual story line seems to progress ok so far.
        About 25% of the way through We just had a tea party. In Boston.
        Although trying to send out convoys is a nightmare which is something I would really like to see improved.

        Edit: I think the biggest problem with Blandy McBlandychops is he followed Ezio. Mrs Tigs didn't have a problem with him and asked what I meant and didn't click with her until I said something like 'Just imagine the difference in that conversation if it was Ezio'

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          Ezio is basically the Antonio Banderas of videogames.

    Vermintide! Going to kill so many Skaven this weekend.

      I am so addicted to rat killing that the maintenance during the Beta has made me sad. Never knew killing rats could be so much fun.

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