What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, like some of you, I'm at PAX Australia this weekend, so I'll mostly be playing the games on the show floor.

What are you all playing this weekend?

It's been a big couple of weeks for releases, so a lot to choose from. Halo 5: Guardians, Assassin's Creed Syndicate...

Those are the big ones I suppose. But I'm keen to hear what else you guys and girls are playing.


    Still Persona 4 Golden. 50 hours in, must be getting close to the end soon.

      Best game!

        if there was one game i could erase from my memory bank and play it all over again, it would be persona 4 golden. What a wonderful game

    I'll be playing Warzone tonight, but unfortunately adulthood beckons this weekend and I'll be at work for the majority :( I'll also be playing real life rock band Sunday night.

      So... much... Warzone. Can't wait for the release of the City map!

        It's fantastic isn't it! And so glad it's worked without a hitch for me since release!

    I'm trying to clear out some of my pile of shame by clearing some games i'm likely to only play once.

    So probably Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Killzone Shadowfall and maybe Darksiders.

      Killzone is pretty compact. I think it took me maybe two or three sessions of play to get the SP campaign out of the way. Gorgeous looking game too!

        I recently did Killzone 2 & 3 back to back and didn't mind them. I think the first time I played KZ2 I hadn't really played a cover based system and just got too frustrated. This time around was a lot better. Good to hear Shadowfall isn't too time intensive, it will feel good to knock a few games off the pile of shame lol.

    I barely have time for PAX, but I'm hoping to squeeze in some Guitar Hero. Now I'm getting used to the layout it's almost time to up the difficulty.

    Making my way through Zelda A Link Between Worlds on 3DS - some of those dungeons are not intuitive to say the least!

    Mass Effect on PS3 - Just getting going, collected Liara although I'm aiming for an Ashley Williams romance this time through.

    Might do the final Tales From The Borderlands on PS4 or get in some more Volume, Don't Starve or Sleeping Dogs.

      Really? I knocked LBW over in about 4 days. I only got stuck in one dungeon right near the end. Easiest Zelda ever!

        I had to look up a guide for the Swamp Palace (twice). All the backtracking between floors, changing water levels and locked doors gave me the screaming willies.

          Screaming willies sounds real bad

        Yeah LBW was a quick one for me too, i sold my 3DS after completeing that and now i've just bought a new one with MH4U. I'll never sell you again 3DS!!

      Final Tales of the Borderlands is SO DAMN GOOD!

        I played episode 4 last night.

        That 'fake gun battle' had me in stitches.

          It was very entertaining. But dat finale. Man... Telltale just know their audience. You'll love it :-)

    Murdered: Soul Suspect and Bound by Flame. Picked them both up on Steam for super cheap.

    Maybe some Fallout 3 to get me in the zone for 4.

    Have my brother visiting tomorrow night, which means some co-op N++. When you play co-op, you play as a black ninja and a white ninja. 'Blacky', as we like to call him, tends to be forced to do the suicidal strategies required to beat some levels. Just so 'Whitey' can survive and finish the level. Incredibly racially inappropriate comments are made, incredibly fun time is had.

    Also, I'm really getting into Destiny. Have my Titan at 263 Light so will continue running Strikes to get more engrams and get better gear. Still doesn't feel like a grind, unless I have to repeat the same Strike 3 times in a row.

    Because I am a sucker for all things themed, I am going to playing mostly horror games with friends this weekend! :) Vermintide kinda counts too right?

    Trying to finish off Metal Gear Solid V, how many more missions are there past number 30?
    Also Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide for multiplayer. Finally got my 1st Legendary after many hard runs with both grimoires and all tomes.

      There's 50 story missions total. honestly becomes a bit of a grind after 30 I felt.

        I'm still chugging along with MGSV. Can you just skip the Extreme versions of the levels and play the additional story levels to complete?

        I'm so scared I did something wrong with the Butterfly emblem and Quiet will be gone! Can anyone confirm if it works?

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    I always come in here, name some games, then never touch them.

    This weekend will be different, this weekend nothing will get between me & Divinity Original Sin, PS4 or Trails in the Sky Second Chapter on Vita(psp).

    Except adult responsibility D:

    Trying to play through The Last of Us on Grounded difficulty.... an impossible task.

    Continued work at GW2 Heart of Thorns, and when not doing that, likely continuing my watching of Naruto (original series). Or staring at my handhelds wondering what game to start on for an hour, before deciding not to play anything at all, and doing something else.

    Travelling to QLD for my cousins wedding, so I will be alternating between MH4U on the 3DS and Hearthstone on the phone.

    Pump out as much Halo 5 as i can before fallout drops.

    Mostly Disgaea 5 with a dash of Ar Nosurge and Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Perhaps some Kingdom as well if I feel like it.

    I've just finished a 3000 word research report so I may reward myself with some Assassin's Creed Syndicate yeeeeeeees

    I'll be playing Galak Z since it just released on Steam

    More diablo 3 with some wolfenstein new order thrown in... perfect combination I think!

    Still going with MGSV. I thought I had finished the game but apparently I was wrong... way wrong.

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    Dying Light.

    I'm not really into the whole zombie thing, but I'm enjoying it so far.

    Taking a bit of a break from Destiny: TTK at the moment, but stumbled across an MMO on the PC called Skyforge. If I get time, I'll give that a proper look. Graphically its very perdy, and the first hour impressed me.

    Otherwise, its meatspace time, with poker and booze being the likely winners.

    I finished Bloodborne, so now it's time to move on with other games in my backlog...next on the list are Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U.

    I'm also playing in a Smash tournament on the weekend so need to continue honing my skills there.

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