What Halo 5's Grunts Talk About When You're Not Shooting Them

What Halo 5's Grunts Talk About When You're Not Shooting Them

Video: Covenant Grunts have always said silly things in Halo games. Usually they're chattering away during gunfights. But in their downtime? Halo 5 has answers.

In one of the Halo 5 campaign's non-combat levels, you can eavesdrop on a grunt's conversation with an Elite. Enjoy that chatter in the clip here:

There are a few other very chatty characters in the Halo 5 campaign. If you have the game, linger in those levels and you'll hear some good stuff.

Best line so far? Probably the grunt asking, "Remember when we used to be purple-r?"


    Hahahahah awesome. Am I weird that this, more than anything else I've seen, makes me wanna play this game?

    I preferred the Sanghelli love poetry to Spartan Palmer.

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