What's Your Best Video Game Dating Story?

What's Your Best Video Game Dating Story?

People can joke all they want about how gamers are all loners. Truth is, video games bring people together. It's time to tell some video game dating stories.

Have games ever played a major part in a date you've been on? Is "Xbox and chill" your new late-night text? Ever had a date suddenly start going much better (or worse) once the two of you started debating which Zelda was best? Let's hear it!

Your "best" story doesn't have to have a happy ending; it can be entertaining, mortifying, romantic, or depressing. Share your stories in the comments below.


    I'm pretty sure that there was a few people that tied the knot from our guild in WoW - think they were Canadians? Solace was the guild, Druss the GM. Best culture in an online community I've ever been part of.
    Was a fantastic event - they posted the pics on the Guild page.

    Got my first feel of Boob after helping a girl with Bubsy. Good times

      So... it was like a trade? I've got images of The Wonder Years intro in my head... :-P

    In '99 back when things called arcades still existed, my gf and I would play house of the dead together. Perhaps the (virtual) perilous situation we found us in brought us closer together?

    We have now been married 11 yrs, and gaming is still a part of our lives, although we seem to have different tastes these days so it is more a seperate hobby.

    When Freya and I started dating, we played a lot of Diablo 3 together so that we could chat in private. We also played a ridiculous amount of the Lego games whenever we were in the same city. I sometimes wonder if my inability to cross bridges was why she fell for me.

      Sounds like you were the one doing the falling. ;)

      I mean... off bridges. *clears throat* *adjusts collar*

    My girlfriend and I had our first date around two and a half years ago. We went out for dumplings then went back to her place for Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Mario Kart on her Nintendo 64. Fun night!

    I met a girl when playing WoW. After flirting online for a while I flew over to her state for week. Was fun, not a bad way to spend a week before starting a new year at uni.

    I would love to share my gaming experience with my wife, but she's not that interested. When I first bought my Xbox One, I had somehow convinced her to play Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris with me. She played it with very little interest. Then I let her play Forza Fast and Furious and Need For Speed, but she didn't like it when I drove better. It doesn't help that she gets scared very easily so I cannot get her to be interested in Tomb Raider. She had watched me play the starting sequence and then got so scared after the crazy guy jumps Lara in those caves that I had to stop playing. She did watch the ending on the second play through though. I recently started playing The Walking Dead and wondered if she'd like it as it is fairly easy to play. But knowing her fear of horror, I better not suggest it. I'm thinking I should get Life is Strange for her? Maybe?

      I kind of have the same problem. My wife and I used to play Little Big Planet together, until she gave it up because, and I quote "it was getting too addictive". Now she spends her time playing mobile games like Candy Crush and watching Chinese soaps... sigh.

        Yep. I remember my wife used to play A LOT of candy crush too. Now she just spends an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook and obsessing over The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

      I started playing Valiant hearts with my g/f, it's an intriguing game thats story based so the game part is easy enough. Give her the control and figure it out together :)

      Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands seem like they'd be pretty excellent intros to gaming.

    Once I had a true online romance on World of Warcraft. I met Kalimna when I was 18, she was a few years older and I had no idea who she was or what she looked like all I knew is that she put in as much time as I did and as she was a Rogue and I a Druid we could have a lot of fun as a stealth team. We were on a PvP server and Burning crusade had just come out. We met while doing some quests and after a while we were simply partners (questing partners). Eventually I set up a Vent server to make sure we could communicate better (the launch of Burning Crusade on a PvP server was brutal if you didn’t have backup). At first she didn’t have a mic, so I would talk and she would type, then one day she got a mic and I heard her voice. I was actually shocked she was a female. After a few more weeks the dynamic shifted, I outleveled her but then when she would hop on I would always accompany her in catform as her “pet” (I even started a fake guild to put a tag under my name) Not only was it incredibly effective in PvP to make people ignore me, it also helped our relationship develop into something else. I was loyal and protective of her and she felt she could always count on me. My fondest memories of WoW are still wandering around Nagrand in catform with Kalimna by my side, sometimes we would just go and explore while chatting.

    Eventually one of us suggested a webcam chat, I honestly don’t remember who. We saw each other and flirted and I fell for her.

    Then I had a work trip to Melbourne (where she lived, I’m from Perth) and I took an extra couple of days to meet her in person. A friend of hers (actually our guildmate) was having a party and so I went to it, when the party ended and we all went off to sleep for the night I ended up next to her on the floor, there was some intimacy.

    In the morning I left, she didn’t say much and then slowly over the next couple of weeks we drifted apart.

    I never saw Kalimna again, But I will always remember Nagrand.

    I work in games retail and my boyfriend was my boss, and we got together after a particularly shitty Sunday shift resulted in him inviting me over for Borderlands and cider. 10/10 solid date.

    It's odd but I have never dated someone who was into games.... Opposites attract? =p

      This. My partner is not a fan of games, I tried to get her to play CoD, Minecraft and Super Mario Bro's Wii U and nothing stuck. I am deemed to play alone, forever :'(

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        We can play together and bitch about how our partners have no interest in our games! =P

          I would love that. I literally have zero friends to play with. And my wife doesn't like games much

            Come hit up Talk Amongst Yourselves with the games you're interested in!

    People can joke all they want about how gamers are all loners

    Really? Cool! You all are a bunch of losers! Get a girlfriend!

    Anyways, does getting laid count as dating?

      As long as you pay sufficient attention to meeting her needs without having to be asked, because otherwise it is the beginning of rape culture, apparently... http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/i-said-yes-but-the-sex-was-weird-why-consent-isnt-the-whole-battle/story-fnet0gt3-1227579171454

        I was trying to sleep when she burst into my room and jumped on me! ]:

    I met a girl on WoW once. Really cute. Big on gaming.

    We decided to meet up in person after having a relationship online for about a year.

    It turned out to be a dude with a beard. But by that stage I was desperate and up for anything. We're now happily married with 2 children.


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    My fiancé and I met through gaming. I work in the Games section of a JB Hi-Fi store, and one Thursday night a 10/10 cutie came up to my counter to ask me if we had stock of Alice: Madness Returns. We didn't, but I wanted to keep talking to her, so I asked her what it was about, what else she played, etc. Half an hour later she asked me for my phone number!

    Two years on and we're getting married in February. We play games together all of the time, and it's great to have met someone who understands and enjoys it.

    I have to admit though; I'm scared to think of the nasty customer complaint she could write if we ever get divorced...

      If she didnt get the extended warranty her 12 month standard is gone by now.

      Unless she knows her rights and your worth more then $1000 then you could be in for a doozy.

        Ooooo, good point. If she stamped her feet enough I'd be obligated to be replaced. :O

    Short story. So I got invited me over to play Dynasty Warriors with someone I met a week or two prior. I was kinda in a period where I was just hurt by someone else who lied to me about their ex, so I needed to get my mind off it. Went over, played DW for like 3 or 4 hours. Ended up sleeping together, and now it's been just over 2 years together ;)

    I switched the date in pokemon to access events, pretty good times.

    Met a girl this year, cliched (I was best man she was maid of honour) and I thought she was pretty funny, cute, smart etc. Then she dropped a 'super effective' reference and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end.

    Been dating for almost 3 months and totally head over heels for each other ^_^ Gaming permeates EVERYTHING :D

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    I made the mistake of getting married to someone who hates games, but she loves kids, who all so far love games...

      Not a mistake mate. Everyone needs their own hobbies :)

    Wife and I met through our love of Skyrim. Now have 2 beautiful children. Maya, 18 months and Ronin, 3 months. Love my life, and wife. As a bonus she is as excited about Fallout 4 as I am.

    Derpy dbl post. I'm on phone pls forgive me!

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    I definitley think that gaming with each other and next to each other is a huge part of the reason my fiancée and I are together. We both honestly play games more than we consume any other kind of media (outside of work). Aside for our other shared interests, our shared political attitude and shared morals, playing together and alongside each other has formed this amazing bond that I didnt know existed between partners before this relationship. Not to mention she's freaking hot.

    Even though we have different playing styles and I'm the worst kind of backseat gamer (working on it), we almost always find common ground and have pretty good times, only a handful of games have been so frustrating that we give them up.

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    My relationship of 4 years with my partner is probably owed in part to Pokemon. Nothing like the multiplayer aspects of Pokemon (discovering and trading new pokemon) to bring young lovers together. Stay away from fighting games though if you value your relationship, winning streaks are not good for harmony...

    I used to live in outer Tokyo, where there's a small, fairly tight-knit English speaking community. A good friend made it her mission to set me up with women she knew. Over about 5 years she did this probably 11 times. They turned out... eh ok. Sometimes. Sometimes not so ok.

    Towards the end of my sixth year, I'd decided to pack it in and head home for good. 3 months before I was due to leave, my friend insisted I meet her husband's colleague. I begrudgingly went to a karaoke/bowling/booze night to meet her. I dressed like garbage. I didn't shave. I turned up late. I really wasn't interested in meeting another girl who wanted an English teacher with benefits. Hell, I was about 10 weeks away from leaving forever!

    I met her and she was exactly the wrong type of girl for me. Quiet, unassuming, clearly uninterested in being there. On the plus side, she was British, so at least language wouldn't be an issue.

    The night was terrible. Conversation was stilted, everyone felt awkward, and we ran out of booze. I spent most of the night talking about games with my friend's husband. I was trying to at least be the second worst company possible, so I asked my not-really-date if she played anything. Turned out she was just starting Borderlands 2 on PC and couldn't find a co-op partner who didn't run head first through the story and skip everything. I gave her my Steam ID for co-op and that ended the only decent conversation that night.

    I figured I'd never hear from her again because the whole night was utter shit. But she really needed a co-op partner, so we played BL2 and chatted over Skype while we played. This went on for about 2 weeks and we realised that we really liked each other. One thing led to another, we went on some less awkward dates, and we decided we'd act like a couple until it was time for me to leave.

    I ended my lease and spent the last 4 weeks of my time at her house instead of travelling Japan like I'd planned. I came home to Aus and about 2 months later she came to join me. That was two and a half years ago and we're still playing co-op together. We have a nice apartment in Sydney that has a spare bedroom reserved for side by side desktop PCs. Everything is awesome. Even though she likes Claptrap.

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      It's funny how this sort of stuff happens, isn't it? :)

        Yeah, you really just can't pick where or when. Everyone thought we'd go our separate ways and take the secret of The Most Awkward Date to our graves.

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