Wii U Emulation Is Coming Along

Wii U Emulation Is Coming Along

As teams continue work on emulators for the Xbox 360 and PS3, a big breakthrough has been made by those trying to play Wii U games on a PC.

Version 1.00 of the Cemu emulator has just been released, and while it's far from a finished article — sound isn't working, and it can basically only boot title sequences — progress is progress.

Courtesy of pjcrangle, here are two examples of the many clips that have already been uploaded to YouTube of folks trying it out:

So, yeah, not much to do at the moment. But then, loading to a title screen is still a big achievement for an emulator. The next step: playable games.


    Seriously why is it version 1.0 when it does not work. Do they even know what version number represents?

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      But it does work, it boots the game to the title screen.

        1.0 always represents a fully functional product that is readily able to use. It should be at the state that it is fully playable but may have some bug. In this case, nothing is playable and they only reached the first step of emulation which is not even close to 1.0

    Jeez, this'll help the "no one buys a WiiU!" advocates...

      I don't think it does, to be honest. The Wii U is almost 3 years old now as a commercial product, and the closest emulators have got is a title screen.

      If you want to play Wii U games, get a Wii U. It's not a complex argument at all, and if anything this example validates it further. :-)

    Version 1.0 can mean first public release, I mean version 2.0 doesn't mean it is a sequel and there versions 15 and above... Version numbering is up to the dev, there is no set standard

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