Witcher 3 Will Let You Play The Expansion With A Pre-Made Character

If your character wasn't a high enough level and you couldn't be bothered starting Geralt's adventure again from scratch, that's OK: there's a third option.

The expansion for The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone, is out and it's a good reason to return to Geralt and his ongoing quest to slash everything in his path. But to play through the expansion's content, CD Projekt RED advises players be level 30 or above.

It was quite possible to finish the base game without having reached level 30, particularly once the new movement system was patched in. And the concept of having to grind a little more to play content you've just paid for might leave a sour taste in some players' mouths.

So the Polish developers have three options. If you want, you can start the game from scratch — probably not an ideal investment for many gamers given the time of year. You can progress from an old save if you'd like, but that doesn't solve the above issue.

The third option is a pre-made character (helpfully captured above by Redditor vunacar). It starts at level 32 and has a "predefined array of gear and set of abilities", provided courtesy of CDR. In case you're wondering, you'll have as many skill points as a level 32 character would have to distribute from scratch. Your armour and weapons are level 30 from Kaer Morhen and there's a string of mutagens and other bits thrown in.

Oh and in case you're wondering: the recommended level in New Game+ mode for the expansions is level 60. Have fun everyone!


    That's a serious amount of gameplay considering I've played a single playthrough on Death March and at 320hours I've hit level 28... Level 60 for New Game+? Aww hell...

    Got to level 35, but I wouldn't mind going back and starting over...

    No. Too many other things to play. Just enjoy the DLC and walk away. Deeeeep breaths.

    Perfect timing really for me, just hit level 40 in NG+. Still a bit of a grind to get to the level requirement, but I don't really see it as grinding in this game. Content just too good.

    started playing it at 11am yesterday, finshed it at 1220am this morning. It was 3 times as long as a CoD campaign and despite my character being well geared and starting at lvl 34, it wasnt a cake walk and the last couple of boss fights were god damn challenging to say the least.

    CDPR set the bar with Witcher 3 when its comes to open world games, and they have dramatically raised the bar for DLC

      Oh man that Greatest Fear boss fight was a beast. Couldn't decide if I hated it or loved it, but I certainly felt like throwing my controller on the floor a few times. Beating it, however, was very satisfying, and I'm feeling the rush of memory as I write about the expansion on my blog. Absolutely agree with your sentiments about Hearts of Stone raising the bar -- for only $15 we get over 12 hours of nuanced content, while the last DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition sits at a hefty $23ish (off the top of my head) for only around 6 hours of content, and this is just on the PSN. CDPR are slaying it these days.

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