The Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass Is Actually Cheaper In Australia

Season Passes really are a leap of faith in a sense. Publishers ask consumers to throw money down on DLC that is usually fairly loosely defined. You don't always know what you're going to get.

This time, with Star Wars: Battlefront, consumers are being asked to make a pretty expensive leap of faith.

$59.95 to be precise. On PC.

On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it'll cost $69.95.

What do you get with that Season Pass? According to the official Star Wars Battlefront website, you get "four expansion packs coming at a later date, filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away."

Players also get two-week early access to those expansion packs and an exclusive "shoot first" emote.

So basically you are putting down $59.95 minimum on content with very little knowledge of what the content contains.

But unusually, Australia doesn't seem to be getting the raw end of the deal here. All regions are being asked to shell out. And, incredibly, the Australian price is one of the lowest.

In the UK it costs 40 pounds on PC, which is roughly $84 Australian.

In the US it costs $50 which converts to roughly $68 Australian.

Still, $59.95 is a lot of cash to shell out for DLC when you don't know what that DLC is. This is the world we live in.


    Not exactly cheaper... More like on par with other countries.

    But still, it's a lot to shell out without knowing what you'll get

      How is 30% cheaper than the UK, and 12% cheaper than the US "not exactly cheaper", it seems to be the very definition of cheaper.

        We're not cheaper than the USA. We're slightly more expensive (USD$50 is AUD$68.06)
        Cheaper than the UK through direct coversion... That's correct, but by a pointless margin. (USD$50 is GBP£32.30. GBP£32.30 is AUD$68.10)

        The "savings" are so minimal that it's closer to "on par" than "cheaper"

          EA and Activision are taking turn about to be bad cop, good cop. After $69 for The Taken King where it was $40 US, this seems like a positive "bargain" for the all low price of $69.

          Sadly I will probably pick up the DLC because I loved the beta, and I only paid $20 for the main game in EB Games after their E3 special offer double trade in value in July.

        Plus when you add to the fact the base game is more expensive which you need in order to play the expansion, when you add the 2 together... Probably works out worse for us.

      $84 is 40% more than $59.95, how is that par?

      The console season passes between Au and US are roughly similar, but the PC prices are between 13% and 40% cheaper.

      What is strange is that Au seems to be the only region with different prices for PC and console season passes.

        PC is the only place where you're actually saving money compared to the US. I have no idea why the UK pricing on an American product is (not even the actual pricing, that's a conversion) even relevant.

        But let's buy into the UK pricing. The mark up on the UK pricing is just as minimal as the mark up on the AU pricing. Just because the conversion looks better, it doesn't make it true. The UK pricing is in line with the rest of the world from their perspective, but looks cheaper from our perspective.

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          PC for Australia is 13% cheaper than PC for USA
          PC for Australia is 40% cheaper than PC for UK
          That is not parity. From any perspective.

            Thank you for COMPLETELY IGNORING the part where I said PC is the only point where you save money.

      Yes but if u get it in the South African store it's 500rnd, basically 35 usd. I have found the only benefit of living in Africa !!!!

    This is screwed up. The AUD has been underperforming against the USD all year, and EA pulls this crap? I demand that they raise the cost of the season pass in line with the international price.

    Think of all the money I will save when I don't buy this and don't buy the Season Pass.

    If it's anything like BF3/4 season passes, it'll only be worth it if you are there for the release of each new DLC. I got burned buying the BF3 season pass late - people only tended to play the latest DLC (even then, in low numbers) or revert back to vanilla. At best you get a solid month out of each DLC before everyone goes back to vanilla.

      Yep, exactly why I'm never buying another DICE / EA season pass or DLC ever again. Just don't get any value out of it. No point giving us 12 new maps or nobody ever plays them. It's bizarre, given how many people have BF4 premium, how few of them actually play the DLC maps.

      I think the real problem is that even if you rent your own server, your still restricted to original maps or a single DLC pack of maps for the rotation. And because everybody likes at least some of the original maps, nobody wants to give them up just to play some of the DLC ones. You should be able to mix and match whatever combination of maps you want. If you're using a map in your rotation that somebody doesn't have then it should just prevent them from joining (or boot them out when that map comes up).

    Wait, is it definitely going to be $69.95 on consoles?

    Looking on PSN at the moment, The 'Ultimate' Edition is $185.90, which as far as i can tell includes everything from the deluxe edition + the season pass, BUT and the 'Deluxe' edition on its own costs $109.95 which is a difference of $75.95? And don't the game and season pass bundles usually offer some small discount? So realistically does that mean it;ll actually be something like $79.95 on its own on PS4?

      Lesson - never ever pre-purchase from PSN. Always terrible value

      I'll just be waiting for Target's pricing on release day. They're always super cheap

        Not for the season pass mind you. Restricted to digital for that one unless you buy the full ultimate edition (if it goes physical). Scary that the DLC will most likely cost you the same as the physical full game.

      Well wrong pricings, 109 for deluxe, 70 for season pass u are losing 7$ with ultimate. because 185.90-109.95-69.95= is around 6$

    I'm tempted to get it just for the fact that we're getting it cheaper then elsewhere for once lol

    I don't tend to get season passes though, last time I did I ended up moving house shortly after, and not being able to get back on my xbox for the next 3 years. So that ended up being a complete waste of money lol


    Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Batman Arkham Knight... all of these bring tears to my eyes when i think about the money i spent on them.

    Easier to just buy them as they come along. Who knows if you will be playing the game a few months from now anyway. Bah~

    P.S. Borderlands 2 Season Pass was worth it. :P

      P.S. Borderlands 2 Season Pass was worth it. :P
      Until handsome collection ;)

    "This is the world we live in."

    Only because we let it to be so

    It's funny how we perceive value. $49 I would be all over this. $69 seems like it is taking the proverbial...

    Those digital prices on the store are horrific. You can certainly pick games up $69-%79 physically in JB HiFi and Target/BigW (and EB Games will prices match and lower again if you are trading in games).

    $186 for Star Wars Battlefront & Season Pass on PSN. Physical stores are being competitive, the console digital stores run a monopoly so are truly eye watering.

    I like that they said there would be no micro transactions but just one big one called DLC.
    I fell sad for this generation of gamers.....

    no thanks

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    I've bought off the Origin store before, but I've never paid attention - are the origin prices AUD then?

    $60 for SWBF premium is the same as what the price of BF4 premium was

      Which I found really great to be honest. Season pass + other bonus ingame shit? Sign me up!

    Ermm, I don't understand how you could even discuss DLC before the full game is even released. Absolute joke. They are announcing in anticipation how much more money they wish to suck from us in the near future. How about just releasing the full game. I wouldn't be surprised if the DLC is already produced and ready but just being held off to release later.
    It's BOLLOCKS!!

      They cant, the producer said in a interview they are not hold any content back to be sold later as dlc, which doesnt include making dlc after the game is out, if make dlc content and is ready before game comes out then they lied to everyone

    Yeah same actually. I traded in 2 games i dont need (killzone 3 [have killzone SF] and Resistence 3 [got for 2.50]) which got me 10$ PSN code.

    Then used my flybuys to buy 2 30$ psn codes at coles and and then 20$ note for another 30$. because i had 70$ in Flybuys Points.

    So 90$ for standard digtial edition and season pass on ps4 is good deal than the ludicrious 185.70$ for ultimate which is 6$ then what it is meant cost. 109$ plus 70$ is 179$.


    its not in psstore. why is this

    You and the author of this article both made the same mistake. You cannot simply convert the price in pound or USD to AUD and say it is cheaper...that only means it is cheaper for you as an Australian consumer looking to buy overseas.
    But that method does not tell you if Australian consumers are paying more or less than overseas consumers, in a relative sense. For that, you need to compare the price of everyday goods in the UK and US to the price of the DLC pack.

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