You Can Watch All The PAX Australia Panels Right Here!

This for those of you who couldn't make it to PAX Australia this year.

You can actually watch a large number of the panels live, right here.

Watch live video from PAX on

Here is today's schedule for the stream:

— 10:30AM: Penny Arcade Make a Strip — 12:00PM: The Future of Gaming: What’s Next For the Way We Play? — 1:00PM: Master of Orion: Rebirth of a Legend — 2:00PM: Just Cause 3 – Choose your own Chaos — 3:00PM: Good Game – Ask Us Anything — 4:00PM: 28 Plays Later with Kris Straub and Paul Verhoeven — 5:00PM: Geek Bomb vs. Big Head Mode Ultimate Trivia Showdown — 6:30PM: Let’s Play Deus Ex With Warren Spector — 7:30PM: Omegathon Round 4 – Super Avalanche 2 — 8:00PM: Saturday Night Concerts: Doubleclicks, Axis of Awesome, MC Frontalot, presented by PlayStation Music

I definitely want to be checking out a Deus Ex Let's Play with Warren Spector.


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