You Probably Haven’t Spent As Much In-Game As This Person

You Probably Haven’t Spent As Much In-Game As This Person

If you ever get to this point, please do me, your bank account and your life a favour and stop.

Steam sales can get a bit out of hand, especially when people start going deep on trading cards and crafting. It’s always seemed a tad ridiculous to me, but the thought that I can get a few extra bucks in my Steam wallet by flogging off some digital card I don’t care about is a nice feature to have in your back pocket.

But then you have people like this user, who go way, way overboard. It’s a shot of the amount of card drops they’ve earned in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can earn a few cards by playing the game and some by trading, if you really want to go deep the easiest method is to spend cash.

Or you could spend lots of cash. Approximately $23568, according to the latest exchange rate.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of people going completely overboard in CS:GO. I’ve had one guy talk to me and contemplate how meaningless his life was because he’d just lost what was left of his inventory making stupid bets.

But the prospect of spending such an absurd amount of money on pointless, in-game crap is just staggering to me. Honestly, what are some people doing with their money?


  • I am SPEECHLESS. I am without speech.
    I admit I have spent A LOT of money on video games/equipment over the years but I definitely have not spent THAT much.

    • 20 stacks over the course of your video game lifetime? how old are you 16? Id hate to tally up how much I have spent on video games over the years.

      • I have EASILY spent this amount on my video game career. Heck i think my PC’s alone over my adult life smash this into the ground. Coupled with I’ve owned nearly every console. 10 or + games each console, sometimes guitar hero + band sets + 300 games on steam…. Heck I’ve spent 2k + easy in Dota 2 on items.

        AND NO REGRETS ! 😀

        • Not *reaaaaaally* the same thing as digital trading cards though, is it? I’m sure we’ve all spent a small fortune on tech/gadgets/toys but that’s kind of irrelevant here.

          • Yes Ted but it’s in response to Piighead’s reply. Hence why it’s a direct follow on from his comment thread. 🙂

          • Your comment doesn’t really make sense as a stand alone comment to the original posters comment though. I was about to say touche until I read his and then your comment. You’re obviously replying to me and thus my reply stands. STANDS I SAY!

          • “I admit I have spent A LOT of money on video games/equipment over the years but I definitely have not spent THAT much.”

            “Not *reaaaaaally* the same thing as digital trading cards though, is it?”

  • Woah.

    The most i’ve spent in-game would be DOTA 2, about $200 over the 2 or so years i played it (past tense)… honestly how? How/why would you need to spend THAT much?!?!?

    • Well I probably spent more than 20k already over 8 years in gaming. My steam itself have library of 5-8k worth? Then comes the consoles and collectors editions. Not to mention having all new gem console plus a gaming PC. 20 grand my pc itself is 4 grand so far. Upgraded to 980ti recently.

  • Jesus…and I though I’d spent a lot on Steam games over the years…but that amount on 1 game?

    • There are some people who have spent that kind of money on Star Citizen, a game that has yet to be released.

      • Good thing its their money to do with as they please, I couldn’t imagine spending 20 grand on buying cards for a game but, I’m not a very rich person, but if I was, I’d definetly put that kind of money down on star citizens development instead. The amount of money wasted in free to play games can beggar belief. At least Star Citizen will be a pretty decent game when it does come out compared to most of those candy crush clones on mobiles. I bet they aren’t doing what star citizen is with that kind of money.

  • I guess if people can spend thousands of dollars per month in Candy Crush then you can spend 23.5K over a few years. (Assuming he has been playing since it was released) Micro-transactions work because people only think about the immediate cost of a dollar or two which never seems like much, but in order to have spent that much the guy would have to be spending approximately $20AU per day from launch day.

  • As someone who only ever sells cards to buff up my steam wallet a little I don’t understand what he’s gaining by paying for card drops.

    What’s the reason? What do you actually get from spending that amount of cash on it?

    • He isn’t actually paying for card drops exactly. He is buying items in game and as a reward/incentive/thing you get cards based on the amount you spent.
      So the more you spend the more cards you get the the cards are merely a method of tracking how much they have spent in game.

      • Ahh, right. I’ve got CS:GO but haven’t played it much. Didn’t even realise there was an in game store.

  • Who cares, if he wants to do it and it brings him pleasure. I used to drink when I was without a missus back in the day and it would be easily $200 a weekend. 2 years of that and you’ve nearly got the cs:go coin without the liver damage. People buy dumbshit all the time, we are not rational creatures.

  • You also have to factor in that to some people $20,000 isn’t a lot of money. You never know peoples circumstances, we tend to project our own.

  • I’d say I’ve wasted that amount of money on crap food and drinking over a couple of years and have nothing to show from it other than a bit of a belly. If the guy’s happy, good for him

  • Wait, he just earns the drops for cash spent on the game, right?

    So it’s entirely feasible that he’s an item trader, and rather than losing money he’s actually made a fortune… Or am I missing something?

    • Probably both. With the amount he spend can be equivalent to the amount he sells or more. It is quite easy to profit via steam games lately

  • God, It’s just beyond me why people do this.
    I had a friend who would pay roughly $30NZD every time she threw a tantrum on FF14 and server hop because she was “so done.” (and that was a lot), she would pay to move or rename level 10 characters because I have no idea why, it seemed more logical to just make a new one you could get to level 10 in an hour or two. She must have spent thousands of dollars on that game to move, rename, fantasia, or to get special dyes, outfits and minions, let alone the subscription fee + she bought the game for the PS4 and the PC + expansions for both. And this is just the one game, this isn’t counting the money I know she’s thrown on Second Life and Gaia.

    Some people have more money than sense.
    However it’s not my place to tell others how to play their game, I don’t understand it and I will be absolutely bewildered by it every time, but once they confirm that purchase it’s on them.

  • Thing is, the income strategies behind many games are built with the intention of appealing to people with addictive personalities. My brother has spent over $8000 perhaps even more on clash of clans. It really is a cash grab and in some cases, a very greedy attempt by developers to pull every cent out of their audience. I’ve never purchased a DLC pack and I refuse to. Once a game is played, it is completed and I’m done with it. It is either traded in or kept on the shelf for when friends come-over.

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