2015's Best Cartoons Made Using Valve's Games

2015's Best Cartoons Made Using Valve's Games

Remember when Valve made Team Fortress movies, and they were the best damn videos in video games? Now they just get their fans to make 'em, and they're...not bad.

Valve announced the winners of this year's Saxxy Awards today, designed to honour the best clips made using the company's Source Filmmaker.The vast majority were made using Team Fortress 2 characters, but you'll find a DOTA 2 vid below as well.

Let's be real, the quality of some of these has dipped since the glory days of both TF2 and the Saxxys, but Micro-Mann and the last two (including the overall winner) are still pretty great.

There were five category winners and one overall winner.


Micro-Mann, by The Winglet


Food Fortress, by Pez 108


Together We Stand, by NoxStudio


A Dang Good Cop, by Will T.


It's Playtime, by SFMTales


Turbulence, by Dunkle and friends.


    last one was pretty cool, just a mistake at the end it showed a plane already dead, should have been the scout plane.

    Geez if that was best comedy i'd hate to see the ones that didn't make it.

    That title has me wondering, is it a cartoon if it's fully CG? Does it become an animation then since it's not drawn?

    you guys ever seen story of a sentry? or once upon a time in 2fort part 2? those are sad as hell. the message at the end of part 2 was just like, "whoa" so much translated to how real war vets must feel every day

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