36,000 Kids That Could Kick Your Arse

36,000 Kids That Could Kick Your Arse

Video: Maybe you're tough! I'm not, so I'm certain these children could beat the tar out of me. Then again, most kids probably could.

Via Buzz-Net, this National Geographic clip gives an inside look at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy in China.

Dazzling footage, this.


    No shit. I'm not Wonder Woman, I can't fight 36,000 kids at once.

    I cant remember the last time I watched a random youtube video that didnt come with some sort of fucking obnoxious music. Whether like this or as part of one of those fucking god awful video intros. You just cant escape the shit

      Agreed. Something about people and taste.

      Pretty sure this is a music video for a collaboration between GENER8ION and M.I.A. so it is a bit weird to complain about the music, without the music the video probably wouldn't exist.

    lol. 1v1, I would wreck any of these little bastards

    14th row, second from left. I could take that kid.

    I saw these ads on tv advertising these special martial arts schools whenever i visit china; the kids DO study but they also practice martial arts.
    quite surprised that there are actually so many parents actually do enroll in those schools, considering chinese parents are like 'you HAVE to study VERY hard, and get into a good uni/college'

      It's not that surprising, many of these schools are very strict and place just as much emphasis on standard education.

      It's why so many Chinese action stars can sing and dance as well as hold various degrees.
      Children are taught to do many things well in various fields as opposed to focusing on one or a few.

      kids have to build a portfolio to get a chance at enrolling at a good primary school, high school and university because of the severe scarcity of places. Ever been to any of the Australian unis lately? Take note of the nationalities of the college population :P

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    I would beat all of these kids. I'd just tackle them to the ground and choke/break their limbs. Jiu Jitsu is the best.

    Before the video was even half done, I was already throwing my lunch money at the screen.

    Terrible music.

    Mute the video, put this one on instead.


    Mute that video, and then put this one on instead.

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