5 Years On, StarCraft 2 Finally Ends With Legacy Of The Void

If you go back a few years the idea of StarCraft 2 going under the radar would have been unfathomable, but that was the situation we found ourselves in last week when Legacy of the Void decided to inhabit Fallout 4’s celestial orbit.

Nevertheless, having had some involvement with the franchise as a wee boy, there was no way I was going to let the conclusion of the story go by unnoticed.

I’d originally hoped to have this up on Friday, but the exceptional amount of issues I kept running into — the most enjoyable of which included File Explorer on Windows 10 breaking completely — ended up forcing me to do a double-take over the weekend.

Fortunately, that worked out quite well since it gave me the time to show off the game’s new co-op mode and a little chunk of the campaign. Also to those of you who sent in questions last week in the TAY chat, a couple of those got answered towards the end of the video.

Small technical tip if you’re playing Legacy of the Void at home: the default gamma is way, way too high. I kept wondering if it was something I could fix up in post but then realised that it was Blizzard’s default settings (you can see in the final render). Turn the brightness down yourself and you’ll have a much more pleasant experience.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in questions, and I promise we’ll get through more of those as this week carries on! (And if you’re playing through more LotV co-op, the campaign or multiplayer, let us know your thoughts below!)

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