Call Of Duty Has The Freakiest Mannequins In Video Game History

In Super Mario Bros. there are ghosts. You look at the ghosts, they don't move.

This Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 easter egg is like that. Only actually terrifying!

The video above does a great job of explaining why this easter egg is genius, but I'll give a quick recap.

In the above multiplayer map there are mannequins. If you shoot the heads off all the mannequins they transform into... ZOMBIE MANNEQUINS. That's pretty awesome in its own right, but already widely known.

But there's a second easter egg. One that's far creepier.

If you shoot the arms off all the mannequins they still come after you like zombies.


They only move when your back in turned. Like some terrifying goddamn nightmare. Like something from the mind of Stanley Kubrick. Goddamn.

Pure horror genius.


    All i can think is how ungodly terrifying it would have been for the first person to discover it.

    Its basically the Doctor Who Weeping Angels!

    The mannequins in Condemned were pretty scary, even though they didn't actually attack you.

      YES! That game was amazing, who didn't love smacking someone upside the head with a mannequin arm!

        It was the dunking in the toilet followed by the swift kick to the back of the head that always got me in the mood...........

    I wonder if the weeping angels concept could be used as a variation on the COD zombies

    Creepy mannequins following you when you're not looking, looks a lot of the indie game 'Late Night Shop'

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