A Board Game Mash-Up Between Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat And Dragonball Z Is Coming

I don't even want to picture the process behind getting the IP owners' approval. And maybe that part hasn't come through yet. But somebody is making a board game cross-up between Dragonball Z, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, and it's being Kickstarted soon.

At the tail of his latest review for Star Wars: Battlefront, prominent YouTube game review Angry Joe announced that he would be formally launching a Kickstarter next year for a board game cross-up between the three legendary fighting franchises.

The formal announcement of the product with all the particulars will be coming next month, although Angry Joe revealed that he has created a universal tactics system so characters from the three franchises can verse each other.

Discussion about the board game mash-up begins from 36:57.

Talks are also ongoing with "three really famous board game miniatures and CCG designers" to help continue development of the game.


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