A Gaming Mouse Designed Just For MMORPG Players

A Gaming Mouse Designed Just For MMORPG Players

Over the years, Kotaku has seen its share of gaming mice. But if buttons alone are anything to go by, this latest one from Elecom sure looks impressive. And button-y!

According to 4Gamer, this mouse is part of Elecom’s “Dux” line. It’s designed specifically with MMORGPs in mind and outfitted with 19 buttons that can be programmed for shortcuts. It also has a high-speed sensor for quick mouse movements, and two scroll wheels.

Hey, what’s that cable? You might say. Well, 4Gamer explains that this mouse can be used with two computers at the same time, toggling back and forth between them (one wired, the other wireless). That way you can play two characters at once, or you can even use the mouse for playing on one computer and capturing on another.

If you hate cables, you can always remove it for play on one computer.

The Dux MMO Gaming Mouse is priced at 14,210 yen ($159). No word yet on an international release or pricing.

Top image: Elecom


  • Ironically enough I was just looking at the Razor Naga today to use as a mouse in Guild Wars 2. I don’t need macros or weird button positions, I just need something fast and responsive without having to “shift” buttons all the time.

    I also saw an alternative option, the Razor Tartarus. The Tartarus replaces the left hand of the keyboard, giving you easy access to menu buttons. It looks like Razor is having a web sale this weekend, and some of the Razor and Logitech products are on sale at JB Hi Fi at the moment.

    More buttons is not helpful if the layout is all over the shop and it provides functionality you don’t really need. :-\

    • Still using my old Razer Naga, and have been for years. Can’t play MMO’s without it now. This mouse looks great, but maybe a little small? I have chunky hands and have had this issue in the past.

    • The Logitech G600 is similar and just as good as the naga. I use it for all my mmos and I love the shape of it. It’s really comfy for long gaming sessions.

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