A Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Trailer, In The Style Of The Force Awakens

A Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Trailer, In The Style of The Force Awakens

Here's proof from YouTuber Max Nicholson that some good music and editing can even make Episode I, II and III look good.

One thing that always bugged me about the prequels — including the marketing — was how they gave away the big twist from Empire. So, I decided to make a video that reinforced Obi-Wan's original story to Luke in the first Star Wars movie.

He used the music and the style of the latest official trailer and, well, even the visual effects that aged terribly over the years can't ruin it.


    This trailer gave me the chills.

    Really well put together.

    That was great.

    The only thing I would have changed is the double lightsaber reveal. I was always baffled they gave it away the first time, this guy has obviously made it a peek but I think having no idea it's coming would be much more exciting

      Indeed, when I first saw that reveal my reaction was simply "ohhhh sheeeit!"

      I think that particular moment would have worked better if he had've backed the footage up a bit. Have Maul florish and ignite the first blade but leave the second blade activation out. You can make assumptions based on the saber hilt's length.

    Wow, if the prequels had only been as good as this trailer. It's amazing the difference a decent trailer can make to build hype... And a re-edit of the prequels would always be welcome :P Also why did they remove the original Anakin ghost and put Hayden in there :'(

    Well, this seems relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9LEhOZZbuk
    It's pretty much the only way I watch the prequels now.

    It showed Emperor Palpatine draw his lightsabre, this is my thing against it. Loved it otherwise, such awesomeness!

    Sigh. I really wish that story had been better told. A bit shorter, tighter, with more feeling and finesse.

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